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Sky view of Malabo ( capital )


Equatorial Guinea is located in Africa in the Eastern Hemisphere. It borders Cameroon ( north of Equatorial Guinea border length: 528 kilometers ). It also borders Gabon ( south of Equatorial Guinea border length: 345 kilometers ). The capital of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo it is located on a small island belonging to them. The coordinates of the capital city is 1 degrees north and 9 degrees east.

What Zone is Equatorial Guinea in?

Equatorial Guinea is in the tropical zone and has all the same weather conditions ( hot, humid, rains a lot ). Sometimes it will rain for even a week without stoping!

The Muni River

The Muni River is a river that runs through Equatorial Guinea. It is the main water source for many cities that live near the river.

The San Carlos Volcano.

The San Carlos Volcano is located on the main land of Africa. It is one of not many volcanos but this one is one that brings many tourists.

Pico Basilé

Pico Basilé is a extinct volcano located in Malabo there capital and is on Bioko Island ( the island that Malabo is located on ).

The children of Equatorial Guinea


889,532 people live in Equatorial Guinea. Since the population is so low it is a very very very small country. There is 28 people per square mile, so not that crowded. The growth rate is negative which means the country rate of growth is below 0 which means people of Equatorial Guinea are leaving their country. The biggest city in Equatorial Guinea is Bata it is home to 173,046 people living in Equatorial Guinea. The 2nd largest city is Malabo the county's capital it homes 128,000 people. The 3rd largest city is Mbini it houses 14,000 people. The 4th and second to last largest city is Luba, 7,000 people live there. And the last city the smallest o the chart is Mikomeseng, 5,813 people live there. Equatorial Guinea is is an Urban country. It has many towering buildings and more modern things like cellphones and modern computers. But most people choose to leave the country ad not many migrants or immigrants are going there.


My country Equatorial Guinea is still in the developing range. One reason is that because they have a low GDP per capita at 7,790 dollars a month. If the GDP is low it means the country is poor. Another reason is that the people there do't last long. They have a low life expectancy which probably means they don't have many hospital nearby or not great of medicine. My third and last reason is that it has a low literacy rate. If they don't have a great literacy rate that means that they probably don't have the best schools or they need to pay a lot to keep their kids in school.

A mysterious rock found in the forest.


Equatorial Guinea is filled with laguages and ultures almost every one so for this we will only talk about the main languages and cultures. Equatorial Guinea was formed by people from Spain so most of the population there speaks Spanish but there are some people that speak many other languages like French, Fang, and Bubi. The people that live there are mostly Christian or Roman Catholic.


Equatorial Guinea is huge on soccer. In fact there lots of grafitti on walls about soccer. The children love to play them on the streets after school is over. But sometimes they'll even play in the rain.


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