Reporters and videomakers

Videomakers and reporters are basically producing articles in motion. They go through the same process of research that writers go through, and need to get a clean outcome as the latter do. They also need to use Trello in order to book their topic.

They can report and make a video about any subject that interest them, provided they can obtain footage about it, meeting people, having discussions and visiting places. Videomaking is actually is very bonding activity.

Below, you can find a video that outlines 4 main component of a great video:

  1. An interview
  2. The voiceover
  3. A B-roll (amazing footage taken with some music)
  4. Natural Sound Break (ambience)
  5. A great post-prod videomaking

Tool kit of videomakers

Photography (professional): Adobe Photoshop (Express), Adobe Lightroom

Videomaking (professional): Adobe Premiere Pro

Create audio or musical track for a video or podcast: N-Track Studio 9 - App Android available (https://ntrack.com/digital-audio-workstation.php)

Create audio or musical track for a video or podcast: Audacity

Software to edit videos (level intermediate): Open Shot Video Editor (https://www.openshot.org/)

Video editing software for beginners: Filmora from Wondershare, Pinnacle Studio, Apple Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Lumen5, Corel VideoStudio


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