Chicago, Illinois by: Abby Chenong


Chicago rests on a contiental divide at the site of the chicago portage, connecting the mississippi and the Great lakes watershed.Chicago is located in northeastern Illinois on the Southwestern shores of Lake Michigan, ienty miles south of Milwakee Wisconsin.The terrain is generally flat and featureless,due to glacial movement during the Ice Age.The Average high temperature during july is 84 Farenhite, but the temperature can reach 100 degrees or more with uncomfortable high humity.The average

Cloud Gate is a public sculpture by Indian-born British artist Anish kapoor. The centerpiece of AT&T Plaza at Millennium Park in the Loop community area of Chicago, Illinois.


Today the largest city's employees are in real estate,retail,and service industries,health care,and the finiacial service sectors.Large corporations,particulary those in the meatpacking district, providing chicago with a wealth of blue collar jobs. The city's economy changed during the later part of the 20th century, leading to decling employment in the manufacturing sector.Economy diversity is one of chicago's strengths.

this pic shows that Chicago has changed since the 80's.

Things to do in Chicago

the taste of Chicago is the worlds largest food festival, held for 5 days in July in Chicago in Grand park.Designed by Alison Saar, Monument to the Great Migration celebrates the thousands of African Americans who journeyed to Chicago in search of freedom and opportunity during the early 20th century.The Great Migration is one of the most profound and celebrated cultural movements in modern history.

the Taste of Chicago and the navy pier.


Many restaurants, shops, amusement park rides, and lake cruise ships are found along the pier as well as the smith museum of stain glass windows.Two of the cities largest music festivals are the Chicago Country music festival and the Chicago Jazz Festival,and Chicago is also home to the lollapalooza. Lake Michigan, the navy pier has been a Chicago landmark since it first opened in 1916.More than 30 million tourists come to Chicago each year, for business, vacation, and sightseeing.

the lollapalooza


The site of present day Chicago was explored by the french in 1673.Disaster stuck Chicago on October 8,1871,when a fire broke out near the O'leary barn.The Great Chicago fire started the blaze quickly,grew out of control.By the time the fire was finally extinguished,thanks to a rain storm, nearly one-third of the of the city has been destroyed.More than 300 people were killed ,18,000 buildings were burnt down and 100,000 Chicagoan lost their homes and businesses.Between 1915 and 1960 hundreds of thousands of African American came to Chicago from the South as part of the Great Migration.New economic opportunities attracted new waves of immigration,and the city's population swelled to 250,000 by 1870.

Growth of the people

The city hosted its first national political convention in 1860, when the republican party chose Abraham Lincoln as its presidential 1837, helped by harbor improvement and the start of construction of the Illinois- Michigan Canal, Chicago's population had reached 4,000 and the community was in corporate as a city.Three years later the city hosted the world's Colombian Exposition, Commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the European discovery of American. In 2016 the city's population was estimated to be 2,695,598.

The Willis tower 108 foot, 1,450 foot used to be called the Sears tower. it passed the worlds trade tower to become the tallest building in the world.


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