The Renaissance By: Reese Moreno

Marco Polo and The Silk Road

Marco Polo and his family traveled to Asia on the Silk Road. When the Polo's got to Asia, the Emporor invited the family to stay at his grand palace. The emporor liked Marco Polo so much that he made him apart of his parliament. People had stopped using the Silk Road because when the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty fell, there was no one to make sure the trade route was safe to travel. Use of the Silk Road started to rise because of all the interest in Asian goods. Because the Silk Road was re opened, mor goods were going in and out of Europe. So every counties unique culture was being spread throughout Europe. This trading and sharing of ideas helped spark the Renaissance.

Italian Trade Cities

Medici Family

The Medici family made many contributions to the city of Florence. Because the Medici's were so rich, they wanted to make Florence beautiful with art and unique architecture. They built schools and libraries for people to learn got to read and write. The art they were able to get was amazing and so was the architecture.

Rediscovering the Past

During the Renaissance, many Greek and Roman ideas were re-introduced. For example, the art. In Ancient Greece and Roman times, art was mainly used for teachings in the church and it was 2d with little to no dimension. Many of the art in the Renaissance was inspired from scenes from the Bible as well but they included more detail and realism. Architecture in the Renaissance was also mainly inspired from Greek and Roman ideas.




Leonardo da Vinci

This website shows how Da Vinci was interested in human anatomy and physics. His drawings of the human body are so accurate and high in detail, medical students today still use his drawings.


This video is a mini documentary on Michelangelo

Paper and Printing

First they arrange the little letters to make a page
Then they put ink on the letters with an ink ball
Then, the paper was put into the press and the movable type was placed in also. A person pulled a lever that pushed the movable type block onto the paper

Renaissance Writing

William Shakespeare's writing reflects the ideas of humanism. Humanism is a type of philosophy that believes in the potential and worth of everyone. "The following passage reflects the idea that each human being is important" (Holt 317). Shakespeare's writing is similar to the main structures of humanism. His plays appealed to all because no matter what social class, everyone could attend his plays.

"There 's daggers in men's smiles"- Skakespeare

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