How the Wizard of Oz Represented America By maggie fehrenbach

Dorothy represents an idealized American. A kind, positive citizen who represents the Americans who were tricked into believing a politician's (the Wizard) scheme of fooling the people of America
Dorothy's companion, toto, who blindly and gladly follows Dorothy wherever she goes, is represented as a Prohibitionist. Prohibitionists have a reputation of following populists blindly, such as toto does with Dorothy.
The Scarecrow represented the American farmers and their worries and hard times during the depression.
The Tin Man represented the industrial workers of those times, running into problems. The Tin Man was rusted, he felt helpless, which is how the factory workers felt after they lost their jobs due to the economy's state of depression causing businesses to be shut down.
The cowardly lion represents William Jennings Bryan, a politician who supported the free silver movement. Bryan was viewed as someone who had "A load roar, but no power or bite."
Yellow Brick Gold leading to emerald city, represents a gold road leading to power.
The Wizard of Oz represents Mark Hanna, the Republican party’s chairman, who was pretty much the president of the United States. "In the book, the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Dorothy all saw the Wizard differently. This symbolizes the cynicism that exists in politics due to the fact that politicians tend to change face with different people."
In the novel, Dorothy’s slippers are silver and not ruby. Silver represents monetary political issues of the time when farmers wanted the dollar’s value to have fixed ratios for both silver and gold.
The Cyclone represents the free silver movement. American farmers were suffering from the effects of federal deflation. They were going into debt, and getting less money for their crops and other goods. Things were spiraling out of control.
The munchkins represented the common people or ordinary U.S. citizens. The Lollipop Guild is seen as representing child labor.
Emerald Palace and Emerald City: the Emerald Palace is believed to represent the White House and the Emerald City to represent Washington D.C.
Wicked Witch of the West represents the politician William McKinley who defeated Williams Jennings Bryant during the time of the free silver silver movement.

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