Global Warming nick lyle hour 7


1. Greenhouse effect- when certain gas emissions are trapping heat

2. Emissions- discharge of gases

3. Alternative Resources- energy that does not involve natural resources, like wind energy

4. Carbon Dioxide- a colorless, odorless gas that is constantly emitted

5. Methane- a colorless, odorless, flammable gas that is also constantly emitted

6. Fracking- forcing natural gases out, like methane

Global Warming is very real

How do we know that Global Warming is happening?

Factory releasing greenhouse gases

Global warming is in fact happening and is real. There is a lot of new information that has been found over the past few years, like according to Fred Pearce of the News Scientist, when the Arctic loses ice, the Antarctic gains ice. The ice that is found in Antarctica even holds carbon dioxide and methane bubbles. They compare the levels found in the bubbles now to the ones that are deeper in the ice because the gases that they find in the ice shows how much gas was in the air at that time, so they can use that to compare how much heat is trapped in those times. Also, the average temperature of the earth is rising. According to, Live Science ,the past 5 years have been record highs. Specifically, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 have all been the highest in chronological order. So, 2013 was the hottest, then 2014 was the hottest, then 2015 was the hottest, and now 2016 is the hottest. Knowing all of this, we know that global warming is happening.

A lot of gases cause global warming

What gases are causing global warming?

There are a lot of gases that are involved in global warming, but primarily carbon dioxide and methane both cause a lot of damage. According to the National Geographic, carbon dioxide causes 80% of the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when heat gets trapped in the earth due to the heat being absorbed in carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide also stays in the air a lot longer compared to methane. Furthermore, some levels of carbon dioxide are brought into the air by fracking. Fracking also causes high levels of methane to be put into the air. According to Bill McKibben of The Independent, methane causes short term climate change, but the damage done in the time frame is pretty bad. It traps 100 times more heat than what carbon dioxide does. The two main gases in global warming is methane and carbon dioxide, so both of these gases’ emissions need to be lowered back down to safe levels.

We need to do something about it

How can we bring gas levels down to safe levels?

Alternative energy

We can bring gas levels down to safe levels, but it won’t happen right away. According to the National Geographic, if we stop relying on fossil fuels we can reduce global warming significantly. A way that we can do this is through using renewable energy, like solar power, hydropower, and biomass. These energies release absolutely no carbon dioxide or methane into the atmosphere. Also, according to NRDC, if we start using more public transportation or carpool to places, we can slow down global warming because less carbon dioxide will be released to the atmosphere. Instead of having one person per car and releasing lots of carbon dioxide, we would have 20-40 people per bus, 4-6 people per car, and 100-200 people per train. Using these alternative resources or using the carpool/public transportation method, we would reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere.

Some nations care

What nations are trying to fight global warming?

Around the world, nations are doing a lot to fight global warming. There are so many countries that are trying to get to 100% alternative energy. In fact, according to Josh Hill of, Sweden will be at 100% alternative energy by 2040. Currently, Sweden’s amount of alternative energy is at 60%. Thinking that the rest of the world might be getting to this level in the next century is insane too. According to Keith Bradsher of the New York Times, the rest of the world will be attempting to fight global warming. The majority of countries signed the Paris Agreements on Climate Change. Surprisingly, less than half of those countries that signed the agreement cause 66% of the world’s emissions. Knowing that almost 200 countries have agreed to put a halt on global warming is a great start. Of these countries, the US agreed on trying to stop global warming. We all know that the US has a lot of followers, and those countries will more than likely do the same thing that the US will be doing. The work that has been done in the past few years is great to fighting global warming and hopefully it won’t rise any higher in the next few decades.

How we will be effected

What will the US look like if we don’t do anything to fight global warming?

A hurricane

The earth will change in a really bad way if we don’t do anything, especially the US. In fact it already is changing. According to NRDC, if we don’t do anything about global warming, weather will change dramatically. The US is already experiencing early snow melts and major droughts. That is a really bad combination because if snow melts early, there is less water to be used for drinking, cleaning, and more. The little amount of water left is also evaporated faster because of the major droughts. Also, according to Ian Johnston of the Independent, he found that if the US reaches an extra 2 degrees celsius, the US will experience very severe weather. This means that on top of the droughts and snow melts, the US will on average see stronger hurricanes and tornadoes per year because severe weather depends on a warm climate. Also, on top of all that, the damage done from those storms will force the US to tax people more so the damage can be fixed. The US will change dramatically if we don’t do anything about global warming.


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