InterACTION - October 2018 Witnessing the Waterfall of God's Work

By Morgan Serger

Even though I grew up in a Christian family and attended many weekly church functions where I learned to follow Jesus, Bible camp was still a very significant part of my walk with Him. The opportunity to see the Good News of Jesus presented in a holistic way, unwrapped in a single week with peers around and without the support and pressure of family, meant that I had the opportunity to stand on the Rock by my own choice.

It continues to be with great excitement that I see children and youth from across northern Manitoba, from diverse communities, have that same opportunity. To see a teenager from one community join with another from a neighboring community to lead younger ones to follow Jesus is the epitome of discipleship. More and more the young people are leading each other to follow Jesus.

Eleven years ago, my wife and I stepped into the ministry of Midway Bible Camp and now we have stepped back, not to see the work diminish, but rather, to see God continue to work without us. That is the dream of disciples making disciples.

To see God accomplishing His will in a mighty way is like standing beside a waterfall, hearing the roar, witnessing the power, and feeling the impact.

Living in a remote, First Nations community we see every day that God is actively working. He brings people together to pray. He brings children to Sunday school. God brings people to meet for fellowship, singing and Bible study. As we all move from summer schedules to school and ‘regular’ schedules, let us all remember that both are important.

Summer Bible camp is an opportunity to break from the normal schedule and cares of life, for kids to just be kids and for people young and old to sharpen their witnessing and Good-News-sharing tools. The rest of the year is where we build patterns of daily faith, connections that encourage, and take those things we remember from the short, intense periods of Bible camp, retreats and conferences and build our lives on the Rock of Jesus. He really is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Sharing What is Planted

By Erin Bruzda, Communications Assistant

Summer Bible camps are often key to beginning a youth’s walk with Jesus, sustaining them though the school year, and planting a heart of desire in them to draw their peers, family, and community into a relationship with Christ. Since its founding, InterAct has recognized the important role that reaching young people plays in seeing least-reached peoples become discipled, gathered believers, following Christ and serving their own communities and around the world. A quote from veteran InterAct missionary Wally Bays during his days at Victory High School in Alaska highlights this fact:

“The other night in prayer meeting, Clara prayed that students from our school would go back to their own villages and tell others of Christ. Then she prayed that she might go back to her own village.” - Arctic Missions News, April 1960

Multiplication can be far reaching, particularly when seeds are planted in young people. Would you pray with us for those youth who’ve attended Bible camps to be bold in their witness in schools and communities, sharing what has been planted in their hearts? Also, please remember our missionaries and camp leaders in prayer, as they walk alongside least-reached youth and peoples of the North Pacific Crescent.

God Supplied More Abundantly Than All That We Asked Or Thought!

In June we appealed to our readers for help to support the ministry of Midway Bible Camp in northern Manitoba. Our goal was to raise $26,000 to cover the cost of replacing the camp’s deteriorating bunk beds and mattresses. This goal was not only met but was exceeded! This summer campers were able to have safe and comfortable places to sleep, allowing staff to focus on sharing the gospel with them and building leaders. Additionally, those who gave above the stated goal have worked with us to be able to obtain a quality pre-owned fifteen-passenger van similar to the one pictured here! This will be a huge blessing to the ministry, better equipping us to transport campers each summer and for ongoing disciplemaking ministries throughout the year!

Help Build Leaders All Year Long

The ministry of Midway Bible Camp doesn’t end when the summer is over. InterAct missionaries serve year-round in the communities of northern Manitoba to continue the work of discipleship and building leaders. If you would like to be an ongoing part of this ministry, please consider partnering with us through monthly giving. Your support will help build leaders all year long!

InterACTION is a monthly publication of InterAct Ministries


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