Running How to run... i guess

Types of speed there are two types running techniques the first one is big steps but it is hard to make your legs go fast when you take big steps. The second type is not as long steps more short steps but make your legs go as fast as they can.

Cross country and sprinting: Cross country: in cross crountry or any long distance run you should pace yourself and another tip is when you get the end you should try and sprint even if you're tired. Sprinting: when you are sprinting you should try and get a good start and try and time for when they say go like ready, set, go!

Competetive sprinting: in competetive running you have to be prepared because the people you verse in competetive running will be fast and ready so you have to be ready and you have to try your absolute hardest to get to the end first.

Competetive cross country: in competetive cross country you can't just relax you have to push yourself because when you have other people in your race who want to win then you have to try and keep up with them. So this means there can be people who have a faster pace then you so that means you have to push yourself.

Arms: when sprinting you put your arms at a 90 degree angel and you point your fingers. You have to do the opposite arm, one arm pointed up one arm pointed down then you run with doing that with your arms

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