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Brothers from the First European IGFT in Stuttgart, Germany!


By Vince Chafin, IGFT Interm Lead

Looking out the window of my mountain home, I see the leaves falling in the cool autumn breeze. Gold, red, yellow and brown, they are transitioning, changing form and through their "death", they will feed and nurture the very trees the bore them. I've seen this before. Men, Humans, letting go of what no longer serves and in the release, finding new hope, new perspectives, new ways of being that feed their Gold and inspire them to be the Human they were born to be. From what I have experienced, that's what this training is all about. Another opportunity to learn new skills, let go of what no longer serves and to step in to our Magnificence... Our Mission... Our Purpose...

If you have taken the training, I bet you know what I'm talking about. If you have yet to experience it, I hope the following pages inspire you to join a training near you or better yet, host one in your community.

May your harvest be bountiful this fall and as you gather your loved ones near, take the opportunity to share your Love and your Gold. You and they deserve it.....

Fall Issue, 2018

"I believe the IGFT offers skills that transcend the boundaries of the I-Group. Yes, we are offering a training that is intended to be used in an MKP I-Group, however I believe men are leaving with so much more. With a renewed Faith in themselves, trust that they too can lead a process and a deeper level of Self Awareness, I believe they walk in to the world Better Humans. More Compassionate, more Understanding and more open Hearted….that to me is one of the amazing Gifts of this training." ~VC

a new path

Randy Boring has stepped in to the role of Next Level Training Promoter and will be working with Dan Baldwin to support and promote all next level trainings. We are grateful for his for his service as the lead of the IGFT since January and congratulate him on this awesome opportunity. Go Randy!

You can reach Randy at: nextlevel@mkpusa.org

"This training is about empowerment. Attending an IGFT will give you the confidence needed to take a risk, push through your fears and come out knowing that you can make a difference, you are needed, you are seen and what you do matters. All of this from a Facilitation Training!"

Santa Barbara

upcoming igft TRAININGS

2018 and beyond

I hope you take the opportunity to attend a training near you and if you are already a graduate, I encourage you to support your community by volunteering.


Albuquerque, October 13

Utah, October 22

Northern California, October 27

Houston, October 27


Chicago, February 16

Up State New York, March 1

Los Angeles, March

Germany, March 16

New England, April

Canada East, August

Germany, August 24

Go to Next Level Trainings on mkp.org to register.

Don't see your community listed? Reach out to me at vincechafin@mkp.org to get your IGFT training scheduled today!


Since the rollout in 2015, the IGFT has been enthusiastically embraced all over the States. Communities and I-Groups have "come alive" with renewed enthusiasm and this excitement seeped over our northern borders when Canada began hosting trainings in 2016.

The word began to spread far and wide and in 2017, Judge Mattocks lead two trainings in South Africa. Later that year, Vince Chafin lead the first IGFT in Germany and in 2018, we translated the materials and Germany has hosted two trainings in German! The Brothers in Sweden would not be left out and hosted their first in 2018 as well. Men have seen and experienced the value in deepening their facilitation skills, overcoming their fears and are taking these skills out into their lives.

Sweden IGFT

Where have we been so far in 2018?

"Minneapolis, Austin, Tokalynga Sweden, Portland OR, Maui, Nelson BC, Tuttligen Germany, Bowie MD, St. Louis, Edmonton ALB, Hanover Germany...."

Here's what a few of your Brothers had to say about their experience:

"Since my IGFT a couple of weeks ago, I have felt a newfound sense of confidence. I am really challenging myself when I get into ruts or start obsessing about things over which I have no control (old patterns)."

"My wish is for every man that attends I Group take the IGFT. I believe that it would result in us making a quantum leap in the work that we do in our I Groups if every man was able to confidently use the simple, yet powerful techniques that are taught in the IGFT. Give yourself and your brothers in your I Group the gift of taking this training!!"

"Nothing short of FanFuckingTastic!"

"Since returning from IGFT in December (three of us from Albuquerque attended), our open circle has been greatly enhanced, and more men are willing to facilitate using the printed guides. We start discussing what process to use first thing in the man's work, so rarely do we just allow a man to talk/share as his process. We have also found the use of the white board to be extremely beneficial."

"I only have one thing to say WOW WOW WOW! This, next to my weekend, was the most profound experience that I have ever known."

Who knows where we will be next?? If you want to bring this training to your neighborhood, send an email to: vincechafin@mkp.org and we'll get you going.

We have have had Full Leaders, Leader Emeritus and men with 40 and above staffing’s, 20+ years in MKP circles walk out of the IGFT feeling like they learned a lot and were taking Gold with them. The training encourages an open mind, or "beginners mind" so that these skills may be incorporated beyond the shields of “I know” and “this is the way I was taught” or “this is the way we do it”.

oh Canada!

While the IGFT is designed for men “with experience”, we had one in Sedona where 5 participants were initiated 2 weeks prior to the training! They gained valuable skills and hit the ground running when they returned to their circles.


You have Gifts. I know you do and one of the best way's to share them is teach! MKP offers many different paths to explore and step in to your leadership; NWTA, LKS, Elder, local community, regional and national service. In the IGFT, we have an Instructor path that provides mentorship and opportunities to support trainings in leadership roles that will stretch and inspire you.

Those classifications are:

Co-Instructor Candidate


Instructor Candidate*


*Stipend position

Who are our Instructors and Co-Instructors? I am so glad you asked!

Full Instructors: Phil Lyall, Melton West, Judge Mattocks Jr, John Hunter, Mike Patterson, Ken Shultz and Vince Chafin
Co-Instructors: Tony Camuti, Sam Molitas, Rory Bowman, Josh Walsman, Alan Davis, Bruce Cornwell, Steve Evans, Rick Broniec, Dave Roelant, Scott Freathy, Jeremy Courage, Randy Boring, Jim Stephens, Your name here!

If you'd like more information on the IGFT certification path, please contact: Vince Chafin at: vincechafin@mkp.org or Ken Shultz at: kenshultz10@gmail.com


All the Hemispheres

Leave the familiar for a while.

Let your senses and bodies stretch out

Like a welcomed season

Onto the meadows and shores and hills.

Open up to the Roof.

Make a new water-mark on your excitement

And love.

Like a blooming night flower,

Bestow your vital fragrance of happiness

And giving

Upon our intimate assembly.

Change rooms in your mind for a day.

All the hemispheres in existence

Lie beside an equator

In your heart.

Greet Yourself

In your thousand other forms

As you mount the hidden tide and travel

Back home.

All the hemispheres in heaven

Are sitting around a fire


While stitching themselves together

Into the Great Circle inside of


IGFT Instructor Profile

Ken Shultz, Full Instructor

Part of the joy of MKP and of this training is the relationships we make. Getting to know men from a heart space is rare, "out there", but in MKP, its what we do. In this issue, we get to know a little about one of the IGFT founders, Ken Shultz and why he is so passionate about the IGFT.

Ken, where and when did you initiate in to MKP? Camp Krem, Northern California, May 2004.

When did you become an IGFT Instructor? I co-created the training in 2010 with 4 other brothers from the NorCal community.

Why do you lead IGFT’s? I think I-Groups are the foundation of the Project and that having men with solid facilitation skills is critical to the health of any I-Group.

What is your favorite part of the training and Why? I love Owning Your Gold because IMJ, we don't spend enough time in the Project celebrating our gold!

What would you like men to really get from the training? I want men to get that facilitation isn't anywhere near as complicated or intimidating as many men think. Anyone who takes the IGFT can immediately step onto the carpet in an I-Group as a facilitator.

Your favorite process/theory/skill and why? The notion that the way a facilitator shows up on the carpet is as important, if not more so, than any skills he may learn.

Why should men step up to become Instructors? Because this is foundational work for the project: IGFT -> better facilitators -> healthier I-Groups -> more men drawn to NWTA's.

Has being an IGFT instructor effected your leadership? If so, how? Absolutely. It's given me the confidence to know that I can stand in front of a room, hold the container, and teach men skills that are valuable to them, both inside and outside of the Project.

What is your most memorable experience on a training? One of the first times I led an IGFT I did a demo of Bucketing on a man (what we now call Inner Child). The man had a powerful experience that he said was more impactful than the GUTS work he did at his NWTA and this set the tone for a super powerful weekend.

Besides MKP and the IGFT, what are some of your hobbies and interests? I love traveling, cooking and reading. I happen to know he loves his cat Jake as well...

Got a facilitation question for Ken? You can reach him at: kenshultz10@gmail.com

Behind the scenes

Do you like to "Make things happen?" Are you an "Idea Guy" with a passion for continuous improvement? Do you love Project management and building something for Future Generations of Brothers? We are looking for YOU on the IGFT, Badass, "Hey, that rug ties the whole room together" team!

We need men with a passion for:

Video recording and editing

Project Management and Execution

Curriculum Development: We are going Modular with Thematic Facilitation Trainings like-Trauma and PTSD, Archetypal Deep Dive, Generational Effects of War, Drama Triangle, Gender Inclusive Facilitation and more...

Got mad skills and a passion to support Facilitation Training? Bring IT!

Contact Vince Chafin at: vincechafin@mkp.org for more info.


From Melton West, Full Instructor

Melton West

Before you ask the person working a question, check inside yourself first and inquire, "Why am asking this question?" Is it for me and my want/desire to know the "story", or is it to support the person working to deepen their awareness?

In most cases, the less we know about the "story", the better facilitators we can be.

Want more pro tips? You can reach Melton at: melton@meltonwest.com

Winter & the king

There are thousands of Archetypes, (in MKP and the IGFT we make it easy and only reference four!), and each one can give us some insight, a key if you will to an energetic experience that might help us understand ourselves and those we facilitate.

As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere begin to fade in to winter, what archetypes might be showing up in your circles? What energetic might you be holding consciously or unconsciously and how might that affect your facilitation? A little something to ponder the next time you step up on the carpet.

From my King/Cheif/Sovereign to yours.....I See You.....

Bless you and have a wonderful holiday season however you might celebrate it.

Vince Chafin: vincechafin@mkp.org 805-452-9214

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Vince Chafin

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