Tour of the Harn Amy Cook

Me admiring the medium and technique used in this painting!

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: This piece by Yvonne Jacquette called Chelsea Composite II stood out to me due to the medium used. Oil on linen was used to make this beautiful artwork. The oil paint stands out to me because I grew up watching my mother paint with oils, and I appreciate the texture and color that is created through this medium. I love how the paint lights up the dark night sky with vibrancy. Seeing this artwork in person allowed me to appreciate it fully because I could carefully study its details and experience how large it is. The painting makes me feel curious. It makes me wonder what kind of building the artist has this view from, and why they chose to paint from that perspective and time of night.

Unobstructed picture of the painting.
Intriguing design of the Harn.

Design of the Museum: This room in the museum was especially eye-catching to me. I could tell that the designers worked hard to make this space appealing to the viewers of the museum. The room is so symmetrical and sleek in set up. A warm and bright light fills the room through the big windows that let in the sun and a view of the serene garden. The design of the room allows me to fully appreciate the sculptures and creations it is filled with. The exhibit excites me and builds my desire to explore and understand all of the artworks in the room. The lighting and the view of the outdoors are what impacted me most in the design of this room.

The garden that the window in the room displays.
An artwork that depicts my core values.

Art and Core Values: This work of art by Elija-Liisa Ahtila called Scenographer's Mind VIII shows a women partaking in the two roles of mother and architect. This resonates with my core values because those are two roles that are very important to me that I wish to have someday. In my future I wish to have a career and children. This is because I value family as well as hard work and achievement. By viewing this woman in the artwork tend to her child and her work I can picture myself doing the same in the future. This artwork reminds me of the things that I cherish in the world, such as my love for children.

Grace and I enjoying the museum and learning about art and the Good Life.

Art and the Good Life: Initially, all that I saw in this artwork was the beauty in its bright colors and designs. When I took a closer look I understood that there was a lot of hard work put into these pieces of tapestry. After reading the description I learned that Louise Bourgeois worked so hard on these because of trauma in her childhood. This made me think of the Fighting for the Good Life theme. She used her work in tapestry restoration as a way to fight for her good life. It allowed her to reconcile with her past and move forward. This artwork makes me appreciate this theme more because it broadens its meaning. We can individually fight through so many ways for our good life, even through artwork. Understanding how the art applied to this theme also made me appreciate the artwork more. Now when I look at it instead of seeing the bright colors and patterns, I see a way through a struggle to a better life.

Fighting for the Good Life through art.

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