Latinos Unidos First Bachata Class

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, the Community High Latinos Unidos Club held their first bachata dance class on the CHS basketball blacktop. Bachata is a famous form of Latin American dance that is popular but slightly less well-known than salsa or merengue. This form of dance originated in the Dominican Republic under the dictatorship of President Trujillo; it was suppressed and only practiced secretly.

“I think a lot of beautiful art is born in poverty,” said Oliver Lete-Straka, a participant in the bachata dancing.

Members of the Latinos Unidos club leading CHS students in the first-ever Bachata dance class. Photos courtesy of Sebastian Olivia, Madison Bell and Noah Bernstein.

The Latinos Unidos Club is a club open to all to celebrate Latin culture. The idea is to spread awareness about Latin culture and educate others about the world around them. It also provides a safe place to speak the languages of Latin America.

“We share each other's differences and similarities,” said club member Naj Martinez.

Landrum Forum and others learning the steps and participating in the learning of the Bachata dancing. Photos courtesy of Sebastian Oliva.

The Landrum forum, along with the members of the Latinos Unidos Club, spent the forum block dancing and learning about Latin culture. They performed the double side-step, the swinging of your hips and "practice with a partner" had everyone on the court dancing professionally.

“I hope everyone enjoyed it,” said Elias Kirschenmann, a freshman in the Landrum Forum. “I hope to do more Latin dances in the future.”

The Latinos Unidos club will be doing more dances in the future, so be sure to attend and learn about the culture.