Our Trip Around america By : Kaden Abbott & Andie Glasscock & Angela Zheng

First Stop Boston , MA

First we are going to The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum . We are going here because this is reenactments of The Boston Tea Party. It shows the ship that they got the tea off of. The Boston Tea Party is where the colonist were mad about the tea act and monopoly on tea, so a few men dressed up like Indians and dumped tea into the harbor.

Next we're going to The Old State House . This is a great place because its the original seat of colonial government and later it became the state capitol!

This is The Paul Revere House! This place is where Revere's legendary ride began at this restored colonial era home , which in this it includes family furnishing and more!

Next Stop New York City, NY

First in NY we are going to 911 Memorial Museum! 911 is when terrorist came on a plane and took over ! They ran into the twin towers . This was a huge explosion!! In this museum it shows some artifacts from the explosion!

The Next stop in NY is Ellis Island Statue Of Liberty! We're going here because it's a symbol of freedom . It's a gift from France that welcomed immigrants to America! This is where immigrants could stay and get checked. They came here to start a new life!

Final stop Washington,DC

First stop in Washington , DC is the U.S Capitol ! This is where our legislative branch makes our laws for our Federal Government ! This is important because laws keep us safe .

Our final stop in Washington, DC is Arlington Cemetery . This is a military cemetery, it's one of the countries oldest national cemeteries ! It marks over 14,000 veterans!

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