What are your wishes for friends and family for 2017? And for Quorans ?

Be good to your little pets who are our best friends although they can annoy and send us to hell sometimes!!!!!
Wake-up and believe it's going to be an awesome day !!!
Add sunshine and coffee to a 'best pal who was willing to take the risk and loan you money that you needed!!!!

Remember everything in the past are dots that you'd join at some point to make something spectacular come true and take shape in reality - that's what Steve Jobs said in one of his speeches. Everything that he did or learnt because his heart told him to do was a dot that joined up in the end with Wozniacky in a great celebration called, "Apple".

May each Quoran be a towering force in his or her own right !!!!!

And wishing everyone lots of travel and personal discovery!!!!!

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