A Collapse in Time By: Catherine Denaux, emily Bartlett, chris fultz

Everyone used to make fun of Napoleon for his height, and they all said he was too short to accomplish his dream of conquering Europe. So he decided to ask Julius Caesar for advice to prove them wrong.
Unfortunately for Napoleon, the line was busy. Caesar was trying to call the Thinker for his thoughts on Cleopatra, but he did not have his phone.
As it turns out, the Thinker did not have his phone because Cleopatra had stolen it to get in touch with Caesar because the Thinker has better coverage with Verizon.
Cleopatra got his phone while the Thinkers dad and sister were gone on a trip to New York to find the sister a husband.
They had wanted to go to Philadelphia, but there were riots at the Love Statue.
Everyone was rioting in Philly because Professor Richmann had caused a blackout with his kite experiment, but the blame was put on Ben Franklin because they had seen him playing with his kite earlier in the day.

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