Destination Connection You're invited to be a featured destination !

Hi there! Whitney Jayne here... professional, Oregon artist, and head of Art4Activists, Campaigns for Causes, and the exciting new Destination Connection Project. I’m personally inviting you to be one of our FEATURED DESTINATIONS!

What is it?

Kicking off in the heart of Oregon’s Willamette Valley wine country, The Destination Connection Project is an ongoing, ever-expanding project that uses art, travel, and challenge games to grow community and destination development by boosting connection, awareness, and tourism. It’s a WIN WIN WIN . . . WIN . . . . .WIN! :)

How does it work & what's the benefit?

It’s quite simple really. Participation for both visitors and destinations is also completely FREE, and super super easy to participate. There are basically 2 parts to the project:

PART 1: Supporting and Encapsulating Oregon's Best Destinations through art

Part one strategically uses art to fund the project, give visitors a way to take their favorite moments home with them, and provides destinations with free art, more traffic, and more income . . .

We select a few destinations in each region to FEATURE

If you’re reading this, then that means we want to feature YOU! What does being featured mean? Read on.

an original art piece(s) is created that represents each featured destination's unique character and experience.

The original art piece and matching prints are for you to hang / display in your space (free of charge), that visitors can easily purchase and take home with them as a memento. Art pieces will generally range between 8x8 and 12x18.

When the art sells, 30% of the Proceeds from each sale then get shared directly to the destination (aka YOU), Oregon Tourism & sustainability, and a social or environmental cause of the buyer’s choice. The other 70% will go towards costs of maintaining & growing the project.

The art piece is replaced with a new one, and the cycle continues.

People long for a way to take home and share the experiences that mean something to them. A beautiful art piece that keeps those memories alive, is the perfect way to do that. When they take it home, it also serves as a daily reminder of why they'll want to come back and bring more with them next time!

PART 2: Treasures 4 Travelers

Participating destinations will also get to be featured in our Treasures for Travelers App - an ongoing, engaging treasure hunt and challenge game that incentivizes players to visit as many of Oregon's unique regions, and featured destinations as they can (think RoadTrippers app meets McMenamins passport, wine/art walks, geocaching, and Cotopaxi Questival with raffle prizes).


  • It's FREE for everyone!
  • It propels tourism to ALL of Oregon's sectors and regions (ie: food/beverage, wine, site seeing, culture/history, B&Bs & unique accommodations, activity/adventure, etc.)... highlighting the best of the best experiences to be found in Oregon
  • It utilizes awesome art and adventures to INSPIRE a robust mission of social and environmental awareness
  • It INCREASES SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE for each destination
  • It's ONGOING, and ever-growing, so repeat visitors can use the app again and again, and always have new places to visit
  • It offers visitors the one thing they CRAVE… an ability to remember, and share their experience, which in turn will prompt them to come back
  • It intentionally builds emotional investment and CONNECTIONS between locals, visitors and destinations,

Along with your original art piece and prints, visitors will find a small instructional game card with how to purchase the art and play the game. Players complete destination-specific challenges, and post them to social media with your destination's #hashtag in order to win monthly art and prizes. Aside from rewarding visitors for visiting you, each challenge serves several purposes.

  • 1. Starts the visitor out with a fun experience that will make them crave more.
  • 2. directly and positively promotes your destination and it’s unique offerings on social media!
  • 3. adds an important, emotional/awareness element, making them more invested, more attached, and ultimately bringing them and their friends back. Challenges might look something like,

'Thumb wrestle a stranger while you wait for your glass of wine or ice cream'


'While you relax in your B&B, write a note to someone who's changed your life but doesn't know it yet'


'At the book store, find a travel book about the area, and take a picture of what you found to be the most surprising fact.


'At the lighthouse, challenge 2 or more members of the group to let you record their best sea lion impression and share something they learned on the tour.'

Folks can choose their route by art they like, challenges they want to do, location, or destinations that appeal to them.

The game can be played online or through our app, and we handle everything from easy-to-follow instructions, to handling all the transactions for those who would like to purchase the art. Because this project thrives on interconnection between each destination, the only thing we ask of you is to show off your new FREE art piece(s) and corresponding instructional game card in a highly visual area (such as your front counter or entryway, so newcomers can easily join in. That's it. Aside from enjoying your new art and visitors, there's really not much else you need to do. Oh... and we'd also love for you to join us on our awesome launch party (date TBD) where you'll get to bring your friends, and be the first ones to try it all out... and of course there will be prizes! :)

Both locals and visitors from abroad can use the app as a fun, easy tool to plan a quick outing, a day excursion, or use it to plan their whole trip. . . all without having to do any actual planning!

Why it matters


Well, first there's an element of individual self-interest right? There is a need to make money, and like it or not, our lives generally depend on making sure that we do. The beauty of the Destination Connection Project, is that it leverages all the right tools to achieve such coveted growth and sustainability. On top of that, Oregon's collaborative approach to community development and tourism in general, sets this project up to thrive. . . in other words, we understand the value of SYNERGY

syn·er·gy (noun)- the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Having worked in the customer service industry for several years, by far the question I get asked the most is, "Where should we go while we're here?" According to Roger Brooks International (world renowned community and destination development expert),

  • The # 1 factor that brings visitors to a region or area again and again is EMOTIONAL investment or attachement.
  • The #1 factor that brings visitors to a specific destination (you) again and again is CUSTOMER SERVICE (ie: the help they receive in navigating their surrounding area and attractions)

Supporting Oregon's alignment with these powerful concepts and the Destination Connection Project, Travel Oregon has drafted their 2017-2019 Strategic Plan, "Activating Explorers", the soul vision of which, is to 'build a better life for all Oregonians through strong, sustainable local economies.' The plan outlines the Visitor Lifecycle, as well as how important it is that each region and destination must be armed with the ability to walk visitors through each step of the cycle, in order to achieve their own growth and sustainability.

Loaded with A) art that INSPIRES participation, provides extra cash flow for each destination, and becomes a memento that makes visitors CRAVE more, B) the Treasures for Travelers app that appeals to various interests and makes PLANNING easy, C) fun challenges that ENHANCE the TRIP experience, D) free marketing for your destination from all of the social media SHARING, E) and a solid recipe for MORE and REPEAT visitors, The Destination Connection Project is not only a powerful tool that helps destinations attain growth and stability, but there's no region or sector it can't cater to, and continue catering to.


Aside from the importance of business growth, destination marketing, and community sustainability, the heart of this project, and truthfully my drive as an artist, is fueled by one simple word . . . CONNECTION. Connection is the precursor to caring, and caring is the precursor to action. Through the years, and a few difficult life challenges, I have come to believe that connection is the entire point of existing, and the one thing that can heal our broken world. I believe we must fight against hate, fear and discrimination, by fighting for love, inclusion, and connection. With so much deviding us, this can seem daunting, but as demonstrated in the 4 minute clip below, I believe there is always a way, and that small initiatives like this Destination Connection Project can make a big difference. A wild fire does start with one spark, after all.

To parallel the clip above, Oregon is the simulator, and the Destination Connection Project is the instructional voice or manual.

With an abundance of friendliness, a humbling respect for diversity, and a reverence for mother nature, our giant Oregon play ground is a fertile environment for enriching experiences. The Destination Connection Project makes navigating our playground enticing and effortless. It brings the world a little bit closer by showing both locals and visitors beyond our border how to engage, care, thrive, and have fun all at the same time. It magnifies the emotional, life changing connections waiting to be found here, ensuring that more will come, more will be back, and the cycle of goodness will continue.


Well that's it in a nut shell . . .


Ummm… also did I mention that it’s all FREE? There is no fee to be featured. We just want to make art, have fun, promote good, enhance community-wide sustainability, build connections . . . and we want to do it with YOU!

So what do you say? Are You In? I hope so!

Email me back, or give me a call, and we’ll set up a time to meet or chat, answer questions, get you on the map, and make it all happen. I'll also send you a few questions to think about before we meet that will help me learn about your preferences and build a fun challenge and art piece for your spot. You know you want to be a part of it, so let’s get this party started! ;)

Wishing you all the very best, and hoping you’ll join us on this exciting adventure!

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Whitney Jayne


Whitney Jayne

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