Opportunity for All Youth Employer Spotlight Series Investing in youth talent: How Virgin Mobile fosters an atmosphere for growth and success

Meet Trisha!

As a former Sales Associate, Trisha Goco recalls her biggest career highlight working at Virgin Mobile in Vancouver, BC.

She was recognized as a top performer in the region and was moved to a busier store where she could take her sales skills to the next level.

“I went from a store with low traffic to activating three SIM cards an hour,” said Trisha.

(left: Trisha proudly holds a record of her sales for the day in 2017)

Trisha said the confidence she built enabled her to become one of the top performers in the Vancouver area.

“It’s amazing being on that leaderboard and having that friendly competitive feeling with the rest of the region. That was the most fun I had and it really challenged me in several different ways.” - Trisha

Today, Trisha works at the Virgin Mobile head office in Vancouver. She has since been promoted to Talent Acquisition Coordinator, where she recruits new young talent that she hopes will follow in her footsteps.

Fast Facts - Working at Virgin Mobile

  • Sales Associate roles do not require previous work experience
  • Employees get a competitive hourly wage and uncapped commission
  • All full-time and part-time employees get full benefits after three-month probationary period

Meet Devin!

Devin Allard is on that path to career growth. Devin works at the Northgate Mall Virgin Mobile store as a Sales Associate in North Bay. He has been with Virgin Mobile for three years and had recently been selected for the Virgin Mobile management training program called Compass.

The purpose of the Compass program is to train internal staff for leadership roles in the company. When an opportunity arises, Virgin looks to select from the pool of internal candidates who have gone through the program.

(left: Devin stands in front of his Virgin Mobile kiosk at Northgate Mall, North Bay)

Bright Aspirations

“I want your job” was Devin’s response to the Store Manager of Ontario when asked where he sees himself in the future.

“The Regional Manager and the Director of Corporate Stores in Ontario have chosen me to be part of a management training program to become a manager one day and that is something that I’m extremely proud of,” said Devin.

Before working at Virgin Mobile, Devin worked at a call centre in North Bay. Having had no previous sales experience, he was grateful to have an opportunity to learn on the job.

(right: Devin at work)

Fast Facts - Top attributes Virgin Mobile looks for in candidates

  • Persuasiveness
  • Personable
  • Empathetic
  • Displays good judgement
  • Adaptable
“We invest in our staff through training, coaching and development. So, it’s perfect for youth that want to start their careers. They also won’t be bored, every day will be different.” -Trisha.
Devin: “The ability to be able to identify what the customer wants and for you to be able to lead the conversation and point them in the right direction is the first skill I developed.”

Fast Facts - COVID-19 safety at Virgin Mobile

  • Adherence to social distancing guidelines
  • Mandatory masks
  • Plexiglass placed throughout stores
  • 1:1 limit in stores (employee:customer)
  • Staff stays home if feeling unwell
  • Employee screening before every shift

Growth opportunities at Virgin Mobile can range anywhere from retail management roles to head office and other leadership roles.

In the Compass program, employees are taught hard and soft skills such as professional communications, emotional intelligence and managerial skills.

“We really believe in investing in our people and career growth is encouraged for the sales associates. Whenever those opportunities arise, we open them to internal candidates first. - Trisha

Why Virgin Mobile?

Devin says that one of the best parts about working for Virgin Mobile is the laid-back and youthful culture—especially in these challenging times.

(right: Virgin Mobile youth employees posing for the camera at Virgin Mobile, Toronto Eaton Centre)

“It’s nice to go to work and be able to try to forget about the world a little bit and just have fun with the people that you’re working with.” - Devin.

Breaking in

Little to no experience? No worries! The Sales Associate role is designed for youth who are looking to break into the job market.

Trisha shared some advice for youth looking to apply:

“My best advice to youth who are interviewing for us is to be authentic! As long as you are personable, goal- oriented, empathetic, adaptable, persuasive, and have good judgment – you are qualified to become a great Sales Associate.''

The value of youth and diversity

Our company is filled with fun, hardworking and dedicated employees that make up our culture and brand. We value youth because they bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the table, they are adaptable and willing to change and are willing to learn.” -Trisha

Fast Facts - How to ace the digital interview

  • Treat it like a normal interview
  • Come as you are and put your best foot forward
  • Focus your answers on the questions asked
  • Ensure you set yourself up in a distraction free space
  • Check that your internet connection is working
  • Contact Opportunity For All Youth for free interview coaching!
  • Be calm :)
  • Be yourself!

Hiring: going virtual!

With in-person hiring events shifting to digital in response to COVID-19 safety measures, Opportunity For All Youth is working with Virgin Mobile to prepare talented youth for digital hiring events across Canada.

Opportunity For All Youth is proud to partner with employers like Virgin Mobile who value youth and invest in their growth and success!