Introducing Lyrics: Now on RMS Coach and RMS Mix Scroll down to learn more!

What's The Word?

We are pleased to announce a new lyrics feature for RMS Coach and the RMS Mix add-on for RMS Coach. Now, in addition to having the melodies and harmonies readily available for practice, you can access a karaoke-style presentation of the words you need to sing. Syllables line up directly with the notes and highlight as they are played. If you need to relocate to a specific spot - say, the start of the second verse, just click or tap on the word, and you'll be taken right there.

What's Available?

For the initial launch, we have prepped the lyrics for the musicals Oklahoma, Footloose, Sound Of Music, Once Upon A Mattress, and Cinderella. Current RMS Coach customers (and those who purchased the RMS Mix add-on component) for these titles can use the feature immediately. We'll prep additional shows on a rolling basis. But even if you're doing something else, it's easy to add lyrics yourself. Simply copy them over from any word processing document. You can pick and choose the songs you need extra support learning (and share them with your cast). We'll help you every step of the way, showing you the simple tricks to make sure everything lines up properly.

This feature is also readily available for our user-created content customers. As you develop a new show, prepare a lesson, or get ready for a choral concert, the lyrics and music can now be combined. As always, it's free to try!

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