No school day

Well every Feb.10 of each year for the North Newton that Feb.10 they should have that day offf of school. The kids their need a break once in awhile. Not all kids like school so if they had the 10th off it would a 3 day vacation because of Saturday and Sunday.
So when all the kids are at home and the teachers still have to go to school. And the kids are playing with with their friends and family and all the teachers are at school grading papers. Kids would be playing on their phone and the teacher can't because their at school and you can't bring your phone into school. And the teachers would have to grade papers while the kids are at home doing nothing.
Kids don't have to eat the schools lunch they can eat at home since it's their day off while the teachers to because they have to go to school and grade papers and eat the schools lunches.
Every kid is at home playing basketball or baseball and walking outside and talking to their friends and the teachers just sit all day.

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