Athletes' Game-Day Superstitions Brendan Moser & Megan brigham

Every athlete can agree, in some way or another, there are pre-game superstitions they follow each game day. Some are complicated and some are simple. A few Walpole High School varsity athletes including senior Libby Foley, juniors Pat Sullivan, Jacqui Mulcahy, Danny Savary, and Caileen Quinn, along with freshman Greg Maclean and Alex Takacs all stick to their specific rituals.

Senior Libby Foley: Girls Soccer

“Mine is not necessarily pre-game, but I always tie my shoes before I take my penalty kicks. I’m very superstitious so even if my shoes are already tied, I untie them and tie them again just to be careful. It gives me more confidence when taking a kick” said senior Libby Foley - Photo By: Ciara Healy

Junior Pat Sullivan: Boys Soccer

Photo By: Marianne Sullivan

“Before games, I go home and eat some ice cream, listen to some pump up music and then before I leave, I grab a Granny Smith Apple and eat it on the way to the field.” said Sullivan.

Junior Jacqui Mulcahy: Gymnastics

“When the entire team is wearing our ribbons, I feel we do better but I get superstitious when anyone forgets their ribbons, because it seems we do worse” said junior Jacqui Mulcahy - Photo By: Maeve O'Connor

Junior Danny Savary: Boys Hockey

(Danny Savary Pictured Left, #5) Photo By: Julia Kane

“Before every game this year, I sit in the stands and use black tape and tape my stick the same way every time” said Savary.

Junior Caileen Quinn: Field Hockey

“This season I wore a light blue and dark blue headband to every game without washing it. It was my superstition that I needed to wear it to every game and if I didn’t I would play bad” said junior Caileen Quinn - Photo By: Ciara Healy

Freshman Greg Maclean: Boys Soccer

(Greg Maclean Pictured Middle, #8) Photo By: Megan Brigham

"Everyone has something to do as a routine before they wrestle. Mine is that I run a couple sprints before my match to get the blood flowing" said Takacs - Photo By: Ciara Healy

From headbands to ice cream to sprints, every athlete has their own unique routine to counter any game day superstitions.

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