Type 1 Diabetes Now What?

What Causes Type 1 Diabetes?
It is an autoimmune disease which causes your body to attack itself. You are now insulin dependent. Insulin comes from the pancreas and travels through the blood stream to attach to your cells which will allow them to absorb the glucose your body needs. Your body is unable to produce its own insulin so you must give yourself a shot of insulin to make up for it. There are many different names for the insulin but there are two kinds: Long acting and Short acting.

Dietary Guidlines

Look for carbohydrates and try not to go over 60 grams. You must check blood sugar before each meal so you can judge the amount of insulin you need to give yourself. When your blood sugar gets to low you will start to weaken and if to low can cause seizures. The food you eat can make a difference on how your body reacts. It is better to have nutrient rich food such as: Beans, popcorn, Avocados, and Peas, so your body can stay healthy and function properly. Junk food such as: cookies and ice cream,

Blood Sugar and A1C

You should of been given a testing kit from your doctor and as for the A1C's your doctor will handle it. The blood testing kit is used to show what your current blood sugar level is. The average blood sugar level should be between 70-150. A1C is the average of all your blood sugars for the past two to three months.


It is recommended to keep up with standard physical exercise, but is not required. If you do choose to exercise you will need to be monitored. Before you exercise you need to check your blood sugar to make sure its over 100. The meal before exercise either has to have less insulin or more food. Examples would be like going on a run, weight lifting, push-ups, etc...

Personal Stories

I was told that i was a diabetic and i didn't care. All i wanted to know was what i had to do to keep on living . The nurse that came in the next day asked me if she should give the shot or if i should. I told her to just hand me the needle. -Caleb Silva
''Then, almost out of nowhere, appeared a doctor whom we had met briefly upstairs and who knew what was wrong. He came running over, grabbed Cassidy and told us to follow him. 'She’s really sick. Do you want to go to the intensive care unit by helicopter or ambulance?'”-Cassidy's mother
After we brought William home, I took two weeks off work. Those two weeks with him were some of the most powerful in my life. As William and I worked together to measure food, count carbs and calculate dosages, I thought back to the words from the doctors and nurses. And then it hit me! That was the reason I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes—so I could understand what my son was going through, so I could be with him and support him, so we could be a team. -Michael Eddy


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