Canned Food Drive...How you Make a difference By Samiksha Prasanna

WKHS's annual Canned Food Drive is Happening right now:

November 1st to November 13th, Kilbourne Students are encouraged to bring in any canned food to contribute to our community. Led by Student Council, the collection efforts are a competition between third period classes and grades with a donut-party reward for the most cans collected.

The competition begins between classes as early as Halloween through Trick or Canning, a Student Council event. Each class is assigned an area in the school district from which they collect cans door to door, accompanying the annual trick-or-treaters. Those donations kick start the November canned food drive, and a competitive force of good.

Trick or canning flyer

The satisfaction of being the superior class, or incentive of sweet donuts may be enough for students to bring in at least a few cans each, but how many of us know where their donations go? How many students know how much of a difference their food really makes?

I interviewed Student Council Cabinet member Misha Sohail, and student body president Hayden Shaffer about the logistics of the canned food drive. According to Hayden, "all cans and cash donations go to the Worthington Resource Pantry." When asked if there is an amount of cans we are working towards, he informed me that "... we don't set a goal for cans, the goal is to collect as many food and cash donations as possible." The Worthington Resource Pantry, as conveyed on their website, connects food to our hungry neighbors, along with other essential resources. The pantry also runs several programs for the general betterment of Worthington, including Drug safe Worthington. These donations go toward people around us, and in our schools, that could use a helping hand.

Misha tells me why she thinks students should donate: "I think students should bring in cans because many underprivileged families do not have enough to eat and I think by donating just a couple of cans we could really help them out. A couple of cans of food for some of the students is nothing compared to the food they eat everyday, but for some families those couple of cans is all they have to eat. So I think we as a school can really make a difference if we each bring in some cans."

What can you donate?

So far, it seems like the Sophomores are in the lead. With only two days remaining, let us finish the canned food drive strong. Even a few cans per person could brighten another family's day. Student Council encourages you to give back to join them in giving back to the community. Let Kilbourne be a force of good to the people around us. So next time you walk past the boxes of donations in the front hallway, think about what you can add to it. See the sign above for all possible donations. Every donation counts...