Review & Evaluation Digital tool & technologies

Throughout the research section of the task I used search engines such as Google and Bing to find the information needed to complete the given task. I also used other resources to gather information including YouTube, News articles and interviews. The useful information gathered from these resources was then saved and stored within a structured filing system which contained file names and relevant subheadings, these files were then saved to a USB memory stick. The presentation and the research was conducted using a PC rather than other forms of technology such as a smartphone or laptop. A PC has the capability of running may different tasks at the same time without effecting its performance, whereas, if a tablet or smartphone was used these devices may struggle to perform to their full potential under the same circumstances. Another benefit of using a PC is that it has a much greater memory capacity, meaning many more files, images and videos can be stored. Using a PC rather than a tablet or smartphone makes it easier to create links and send emails of the finished task.

The task then involved designing and constructing a multimedia resource that can display the relevant information that had been gathered prior. There are many different multimedia resources available to complete this task including: PowerPoint, Adobe Spark, Emaze to name a few. All of these software packages have their advantages and disadvantages for example: PowerPoint is probable the easiest to use and share with others, whereas, Emaze is the most interactive with a wide choice of themes and styles.

I chose to complete the task using the software emaze. Emaze can be used to create a variety of different formats which include: presentation, E-cards, visual stories etc. A choice of templates are available within each of these formats, with templates arranged into three different categories (Business, Education, Art & Design) and each come with a different theme, from, ‘Breaking news’ theme to ‘Under the sea’ theme. Within the presentation created I’ve added videos sourced from YouTube, these are very easy to add, and the ability to crop the videos is a handy feature when you only needed a specific part of the video. Pictures sourced from Google images and Bing images were added by simply selecting ‘image’ from the object toolbar and either choosing an image from the computer directory, or copy and paste image link from a website. Hyperlinks were also added to the presentation, this is done by typing in the external link and clicking ‘ADD’, this feature allows you to add links to provide evidence of your work. It is also good to provide extra reading for the reader if all the information cannot be added to the presentation.

Emaze was chosen over other software applications such as PowerPoint or Adobe Spark, as I find it easy to use and the interaction and transition between the slides creates a professional look. The transition options from slide to slide on PowerPoint is limited in comparison to Emaze. Another factor for my choice is the wide variety of themes and templates available on Emaze, which is not available on the other software applications. On Emaze images and videos can be edited to suit the user, features such as this are not available on Adobe Spark.

I chose to use Adobe Spark to present my review and evaluation over Word, as Adobe Spark looks more professional with the addition of features such as 'glideshow' to present images. The different types of themes is another feature of Adobe Spark that is not available on Word.

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