Delbarton Reopen Roadmap For The Fall Term 2020-21 Scroll down to review information and updates regarding the upcoming school year at Delbarton.

A Message from our Headmaster

Dear Delbarton Families...

Thank you for your support and patience during these summer months as we devised our plan to reopen Delbarton School for the fall 2020 term.

We are eager and excited for our students to return, and to welcome new students in the Classes of 2024 and 2026. This message details our preparations for the reopening of school. Please be assured that all plans follow New Jersey Department of Education guidelines, school-specific advice from the Centers for Disease Control, and local Department of Health policies.

Additionally, our plans are shaped by Delbarton’s Benedictine Catholic mission and values, and our commitment to preserving the Delbarton Experience for our students and faculty.

Moving forward, as we continue to calibrate school operations and teaching in response to public health conditions, each decision we make reflects five guiding principles:

Community Safety

Delbarton’s top priority is protecting the health and well-being of every member of our community. A healthy environment is a secure environment, one where students, teachers and staff thrive and are empowered to do their best work.

the on-campus experience

We recognize that the ideal learning environment brings teachers, coaches, advisors, and mentors together with their students in face-to-face interactions. We also acknowledge the intrinsic value of the special role our 200-acre campus plays in the education and development of our young men. Therefore, to the best of our ability and in accordance with evolving NJ State health and education guidelines for the 2020-21 school year, we have designed a robust student experience that is on-campus, personal, and tailored to the developmental needs of our adolescent boys.

Academic Excellence, Coherence and Flexibility

Delbarton believes in the pursuit of academic excellence in any context – in-person and, when necessary, virtually. And we understand that an uninterrupted, undisrupted educational experience is fundamental to achieving this goal. Despite evolving health circumstances that may require changes or restrictions to campus life, our primary objective is to deliver on our mission by providing an outstanding, best-in-class offering of learning and programming for the 2020-21 school year. This is why we have thought deeply and strategically about how best to maintain a continuous and durable learning structure that is flexible enough to both pivot and adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining as much in-person instruction as possible.

Student Social/Emotional Well-Being

The social, emotional, and spiritual well-being of a school community remains a core component of any enduring Catholic education. Building resiliency, deepening our spiritual life, managing daily stress, regulating strong and conflicting emotions, creating positive relationships, establishing and achieving personal goals, showing care and empathy toward others, and making responsible life decisions are all skills necessary to leading a healthy and productive life. These core student competencies, especially during these unique times of collective uncertainty and trauma, will be given increased focus throughout our 2020-21 school programming.

Personal and Collective Responsibility

There can be no ambiguity in our COVID-19 protocol – ‘behavior’ here is about the defense of other's lives, something Delbarton takes very seriously. This new normal of COVID-19 modifications requires the cooperation of every member of our community. We all want to be together and the following protocols will make that possible.

program modifications

Given the very real threat of COVID-19, our existing program has been modified to keep everyone safe while affirming our sense of community and preserving the experience of face-to-face (even while masked) learning. Thus, our approach allows all students to be on campus together when we are in session.

Highlights Include:

  • Daily health and temperature screenings
  • Transportation modifications
  • Wearing masks and ensuring social distancing wherever possible
  • Enhanced classroom and campus sanitation
  • Foodservice modifications
  • Athletics, Arts, Activities and Campus Ministry modifications

Health and Safety

School Nurse Deirdre McAuliffe, RN has been working throughout the summer to prepare a comprehensive plan to reduce the risk of infection at Delbarton. Here are the basics…

Stay Home if sick

The number one safety measure is to keep a student home if he is sick or has been in close contact with a sick individual with COVID-like symptoms or a person who tested positive for COVID-19. Inform Mrs. McAuliffe of illness-related absences and/or COVID-19 diagnosis or exposure. Respect the Delbarton School Illness Policy posted below and on the Reopen Roadmap hub. Mrs. McAuliffe can be reached by phone at 973-538-3231, x3080 and by email at DMcauliffe@delbarton.org.


If you have traveled to any foreign country or state listed on the New Jersey COVID-19 Quarantine list, you must stay home for 14 days before coming to school. If your son is planning to travel to another state, check the list (which changes daily) at covid19.nj.gov to confirm that New Jersey does not mandate a 14-day quarantine period upon his return.

daily wellness screening

Daily screening of all students and staff is our first line of defense. To screen all students and staff as a part of our health and safety protocol, all families and staff must login to the Magnus Mobile app daily by 7:15 am to record symptoms and temperatures (please have a thermometer at home before school reopens on August 24). Parents, at the completion of the process each day, you will receive a message confirming your student’s attendance that day.

Download the Magnus Mobile V2 app from the Apple Store or the Google Play store and login using your username and password. You can then access the screening platform via the button titled ‘COVID-19. After downloading and logging in to the Magnus Mobile app, click here to watch a tutorial detailing how to use the app.

The COVID screening function is live on Magnus Mobile on August 16.


Masks are to be worn by students and staff at all times, except during meals and established mask-breaks. Vented masks are not acceptable. If wearing a face covering exacerbates an existing medical condition, please provide Mrs. McAuliffe with a doctor’s note.

In-School Illness

If a student comes to the Nurse's office ill with any possible Covid symptoms, he will be sent home. We will err on the side of caution and send any ill student home. In order for the student to return to school...

  • If Covid is suspected, the student should be tested for Covid and remain home for 14 days. He may return to school earlier only if he submits a doctor's note to the Nurse confirming that he had a non-Covid illness. In that case, he may return to school once he has been symptom-free for 24 hours without taking fever-reducing medications.
  • If the student tests negative for Covid, he must remain home for 24 hours once he is symptom-free. He should be retested for Covid if his symptoms continue or worsen.
  • If the student tests positive for Covid, yet he has not developed symptoms, he must remain at home for 10 days from the date of the positive test.
  • Any student who was in close contact with a Covid-positive or symptomatic person, in or out of school, must also be quarantined at home for 14 days.
contact tracing

Contact tracing is the process of identifying persons who may have come into contact with an infected person and subsequent collection of further information about those contacts. This year, Delbarton students will use assigned seating in their classrooms to facilitate contact tracing.

  • The Delbarton School Nurse will notify the Morris Township Board of Health when she sends an ill student home. In the case of a positive Covid test result, the Morris Township Board of Health, with assistance from the Nurse, will begin contact tracing and quarantining of Delbarton students/teachers who, in the past 14 days, spent 10 minutes or more within 6 feet of the student.
  • If a student's doctor thinks there is a high probability that the student has Covid, or if the student has exhibited multiple symptoms, the Board of Health, with assistance from the Nurse, will proceed with contact tracing by enforcing a quarantine of individuals who meet the criteria above for coming into close contact with him.
Remote Learning

Classes will be live streamed and recorded (via Zoom) so that all students can participate in class. Attendance is required for scheduled classes. If a student learning from home must miss a class for any reason, please email teacher in advance of the class meeting.

Students who choose to attend Delbarton virtually must provide the Nurse with a doctor's note with the details of the illness preventing them from attending. This information will be confidential and handled on a case-by-case basis.

Guidelines to Avoid COVID-19 Contagion

Follow CDC, NJ Department of Health and local health department guidelines. The most important of these are:

  • Wash hands frequently or if that is not possible, use hand sanitizer.
  • Stay 6 feet apart from others.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Do not touch your eyes, your mouth, nose or face.
  • Cover your cough.
  • Check your symptoms and temperature at home every day before coming to school.

See the School Nurse immediately if exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • Feeling chills or feverish
  • Fatigue or body aches
  • Cough, congestion or runny nose
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Diarrhea, vomiting or nausea
  • Sudden loss of smell or taste
  • New onset of headache
Delbarton School Illness Policy

Our 2020-21 Delbarton School Illness Policy, which provides unambiguous guidelines for students who are sent home from school due to illness, was developed in accordance with CDC recommendations. The policy is posted below and appears on our Reopen Roadmap hub on Delbarton.org.

If you have any questions, please call Mrs. McAuliffe at 973-538-3231 x3080 or email her at DMcauliffe@delbarton.org.

Student Well-Being

How will Delbarton ensure it supports students’ social and emotional well-being?

  • This year Delbarton will launch the Freshman Advisory Program, the purpose of which is to facilitate the successful transition of 9th grade students into the upper school by fostering meaningful interpersonal connection and a sense of belonging to the Delbarton community. Working through the lens of the Hallmarks of a Benedictine School, the advisory program will promote social and emotional skill development as a means of strengthening relationships with oneself and others. Individual and group advisory meetings will focus on developing interpersonal and communication skills, including empathetic listening and conflict resolution skills, and fostering a strong work ethic, self-advocacy, goal-setting, a resilient mindset, and self-discipline.
  • Dr. Matthew D’Urso, a licensed clinical psychologist, is available 24/7 via email: mdurso@delbarton.org or work cell: (973) 224-5983 to provide student counseling and parent consultation. Appointments for in-person or telehealth counseling or consultation sessions may be arranged via Dr. D’Urso’s booking page. Dr. D’Urso can provide referrals for individuals who need targeted support as well as access to community mental health professionals.
  • Guidance counselors have adequate space to conduct in-office confidential sessions while maintaining social distancing requirements.
  • Given the potential impact of a traumatic event such as COVID-19, during individual and group meetings with students guidance counselors will informally assess student functioning. In addition, counselors will promote strategies that work to increase their positive habits (e.g., social connections, self-care strategies) and decrease negative responses (e.g., frustration, anxiety).
  • Guidance counselors will facilitate regular grade-level meetings in collaboration with Dr. D’Urso to allow students to collectively process their experience. These meetings will occur multiple times during the reentry period and will continue virtually if additional school closures occur.
  • Continuous review by guidance counselors will be conducted to identify and provide supports to students perhaps at higher risk for significant stress or trauma from COVID-19. This will involve conducting psychological triage to determine who needs crisis intervention support through a review of available data about students. Data will include those experiencing death or loss of someone close to them; those with significant disruption to home life such as financial insecurity; those with a history of trauma and chronic stress or other pre-existing mental health problems; and those with exposure to adverse life experiences. All Delbarton guidance counselors are certified via the Youth Mental Health First Aid program (YMHFA), an evidenced-based training program for those working with adolescents. YMHFA certification indicates that an individual has been trained in common mental health challenges for youth, typical adolescent development, and action plans for how to help young people in both crisis and non-crisis situations.
  • Consideration has been made as to the impact of masks on the ability to read emotions and facial expressions, follow speech, and generally participate and focus on academics. Counselors and teachers will continuously assess the additional impact on students with disabilities, including those with physical disabilities or those who are deaf, hard of hearing, or have other auditory impairments. Faculty training focused on teaching modifications for vulnerable students will be provided prior to the start of the school year.
  • Surveys of students and parents will be conducted regularly to assess academic needs and social and emotional well-being and direct intervention efforts.
  • Additional guidance and psychoeducation regarding COVID-19 and its multi-dimensional impact on our students, families, and faculty will be provided throughout the year.

School Day Basics


You always have the option of transporting your son to Delbarton yourself. However, if you choose to send him to school by bus, we have arranged for the following modifications to keep students as safe as possible.

  • All students and drivers must wear masks on board buses.
  • Buses will be loaded from back to front.
  • Social distancing will be practiced where possible (e.g. one student per row, alternating rows).
  • Sanitization – Buses will be sanitized daily and between bus runs using EPA-approved anti-microbial solutions. Delbarton-owned buses will be treated daily using an electrostatic fogger. Click here for our bus sanitizing protocol.
  • Buses will operate with windows open when weather permits.

For transportation questions, contact Director of Transportation Kent Manno at 973-538-3231 x3372 or KManno@delbarton.org

Food Service

Our food service provider, Sage Dining Services, continues to prepare and deliver meals and snacks at Delbarton School. All food and beverages -- breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack – will be accessed from the Dining Hall.

  • Breakfast: Students will go to the Dining Hall prior to entering Trinity or going to classrooms.
  • Lunch: Students will pick up lunch in the Dining Hall and dine in the gyms, seating spaced a minimum of 6’ apart. Boys will, of course, remove facemasks to dine. This option affords students a break from classroom settings and time to see friends with whom they may not share classes. Due to its 60-person social distanced capacity, Dining Hall seating is reserved for faculty and staff.
  • Menu: Breakfast/lunches/snacks will include prepackaged hot and cold options. No peanut products will be served, and menus will include options for students and staff with food allergies.
  • Clean-up: Each student is responsible to clean-up after himself, dispose of all garbage and wipe down his lunch table.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, SAGE has been planning and adapting their food preparation, service, and menus to keep our community members and Team Members safe. Click here for information from SAGE on their COVID-19 policies, updated standards and the daily menu.


We have increased our daytime Housekeeping staff to conduct continuous classroom and facility cleaning and sanitization. This more rigorous housekeeping protocol includes:

  • Daily disinfecting and cleaning with EPA-approved products of all classrooms, restrooms, common areas.
  • Electrostatic fogging of all areas after classes end for the day.
  • Free-standing hand sanitizing stations throughout campus including athletic fields.
  • Disinfectant wipes and sprays available in all classrooms.
  • High-efficiency MERV filters installed in our HVAC systems that trap 98% of airborne particles, including those that carry bacteria and viruses.


The Delbarton faculty and administration look forward to welcoming our students back to campus and are committed to doing their best to support their learning in the new school year. Although COVID modifications are necessary, many of the hallmarks of the Delbarton Experience – rigorous course offerings, access to excellent teachers and a collegial culture focused on mutual respect – will be maintained.

The Daily Schedule

Delbarton’s block schedule remains unchanged, though the actions and habits of both students and faculty will be modified to prevent COVID-19 contagion.

daily arrival/locker access/hallway traffic
  • All students and faculty members must be masked before entering any campus building.
  • Parents must wear a mask to enter any campus building. To limit visitors, please do not to drop off forgotten items during the school day.
  • Students may access lockers before 8:05 and after 2:40 only to limit hallway traffic.
  • After accessing lockers, students proceed directly to their classrooms.
  • Students will have assigned seating for more efficient contact tracing if necessary.
  • Lingering or gathering in hallways and common areas is not permitted.
  • To avoid unnecessary mingling, hallways will be marked to indicate right lane/left lane traffic.
  • The transition period between classes has increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to provide additional time for teachers to set up in-class technology and to ensure that all health and safety procedures are followed upon entering and exiting the classroom.
in the classroom
  • Masks must be worn by students and teachers.
  • Desks will be spaced as widely as possible to create a socially distanced environment.
  • Students will have assigned seating for more efficient contact tracing if necessary.
  • Housekeeping staff will sanitize each classroom at the end of the day using an electrostatic fogger.
  • Writing Center, Mathematics Center and Communications Center will operate using COVID-19 modifications.
  • Weather-permitting, classroom windows will remain open for enhanced ventilation.
  • Physical Education classes will operate in a modified context this fall. We hope to take advantage of mild fall weather that allows for outdoor, socially distanced activities.
  • All individual guidance meetings will take place wearing masks and social distancing. Class meetings will take place in the FAC to ensure ample space between each student.
remote learning

If circumstances compel us to transition back to distance learning...

  • We intend to offer a robust Virtual Delbarton learning schedule for contiguous learning
  • Activities/Arts/Athletics will be built into the weekly schedule
  • We will host weekly community-wide Morning Meetings
extracurricular activities

Delbarton intends to offer a comprehensive list of extracurriculars during the 2020-21 school year. This includes clubs and activities that are able to operate given the current restrictions. Each club moderator will be required to follow mandatory COVID-19 modifications regarding masks and social distancing during club or activity meeting this school year.

All-School Events

All large group, school-wide activities, including Morning Meetings, Service Fairs etc. will take place via Google meet-ups. Students will remain seated in classrooms where they can access the gatherings online.

Parent Events

Key parent events in 2020-21, including Back to School Nights, will take place in-person but modified to conform to social distancing best practices. If a faculty member is providing remote instruction due to a health issue, we will arrange for parents to access a Zoom conference or a recorded video presentation.

back to school nights
  • September 15: 7th, 8th grade
  • September 16: 9th, 10th grade
  • September 17: 11th, 12th grade

We ask that just one parent attend to achieve maximum distance in the classroom.

If you have questions about Delbarton academics, please contact Assistant Headmaster for Academic Affairs Josh Hartle at 973-538-3231 x3025 or JHartle@delbarton.org.

Field Trips

While COVID-19 necessitates the cancellation of field trips during the fall term, two key 7th and 9th grade outdoor team-building trips will take place with the following modifications. Both venues have been vetted to confirm that they are able to host our students while respecting all NJ State health and safety COVID-19 mandates:

9th Grade Trip to YMCA Camp Bernie (August 28)
  • Masks will be worn at all times, except during lunch and individual, socially distanced physical challenges.
  • Bagged lunches will be served outdoors.
  • The number of buses transporting the class has been doubled to provide socially distanced transportation.
7th Grade Rafting Trip (August 28)
  • Masks will be worn on bus rides; Masks will not be worn while paddling on the river.
  • Bagged lunches will be served outdoors.
  • The number of buses transporting the class has been doubled to provide socially distanced transportation.

For 9th grade trip questions, please contact Mr. Matt Kovachik at 973-538-3231 x3009 or mkovachik@delbarton.org.

For 7th grade trip questions, please contact Mr. Rick Cimino at 973-538-3231 x3008 or RCimino@delbarton.org

Campus Ministry

Our Campus Ministry program is the heartbeat of Delbarton School. Common prayer and worship, retreats, Days of Recollection and service projects teach and reinforce our Benedictine Catholic values, build bonds of brotherhood and develop our young men into authentic servant leaders. Given the importance of these programs, our goal is to continue to offer them with modifications and, when necessary, provide alternative virtual models during the 2020-21 school year.


Modified retreats remain mandatory for all students while classes remain in session.

Senior Class and Middle School Days of Recollections

  • St. Paul Inside the Walls in Madison will accommodate our groups with safe social distancing.
  • Masks are required.
  • Transportation provided by Delbarton
  • Middle School Date: Oct. 21
  • Senior Dates: Oct. 7; Jan. 20; Mar. 17

Freshman Retreats

  • On campus with talks in larger spaces (FAC, Church, Gym) and small groups in classrooms or larger rooms on campus.
  • Prayer experiences, Mass, and Confessions in the Abbey Church. Masks required.
  • No on-campus overnight stays: Parents pick students up in evening. Parents drop off students in the morning.
  • Freshman Dates: Oct. 30-31; Nov. 13-14; Dec. 4-5

Sophomore Retreats

  • St. Joseph’s Shrine in Stirling will accommodate our groups with safe social distancing.
  • Sophomore retreats will emphasize social justice, with an emphasis on the 7 Principles of Catholic Social Teaching.
  • Students leave each morning by bus for the Shrine. Parents pick students up from Delbarton in evening. Parents drop off students at Delbarton in the morning.
  • Sophomore Dates: Oct. 8-9; Dec. 10-11; April 8-9

Junior Retreats

  • St. Joseph’s Shrine in Stirling will accommodate our groups with safe social distancing.
  • Students would leave each morning by bus for the Shrine. Parents pick students up from Delbarton in evening. Parents drop off students at Delbarton in the morning.
  • Junior Dates: Oct. 28-30; Jan. 27-29; Mar. 23-25

Service and Prayer

Community service remains an important component of the Delbarton Experience. This year we strive to maintain our service program while respecting COVID modifications that protect the health and safety of our students and the partner organizations we serve.

  • We will host a virtual Community Service Fair on campus.
  • We will take signals from the state guidelines on social distancing and the volunteer policies of our partner service agencies.
  • We will seek ‘indirect service’ options, combined with a more intensive service-learning component.
  • Food and Gift Drives will take place; In-person delivery may be modified.
  • In the event of remote learning, we intend to offer virtual service programs.
mass and prayer
  • School Masses and Lauds will be held in the Abbey Church with a select group of students in pews, and live streamed to students in classrooms during M block. For Masses, Holy Communion will be distributed in hallways, classroom-by-classroom.
  • Daily Mass continues in St. Martin Oratory with social distancing and masks.
  • Confessions continue in St. Martin Oratory with social distancing and masks.
  • First Friday Adoration with sign-ups continue.
  • Small prayer meetings and contemplative prayer will also continue.

For questions pertaining to retreats and service projects, please contact Director of Mission & Ministry Dr. David Hajduk at 973-538-3231 x3015 or DHajduk@delbarton.org.

Extracurricular Performing Arts, Athletics and Student Clubs

Delbarton intends to offer a comprehensive list of extracurriculars during the 2020-21 school year. This includes clubs and activities that are able to operate given the current restrictions. Each club moderator will be required to follow mandatory COVID-19 modifications regarding masks and social distancing during club or activity meeting this school year.

green wave athletics

After the cancellation of 2020 spring sports season, the Green Wave is eager to resume practices and competition. Following State and NJSIAA guidelines, players and coaches are required to follow new protocols to protect the health and safety of our community. Generally, competitions will be local and (as of August 4) there will be no state or county title competitions.

We ask for 100% cooperation from all athletes, coaches and families to give our young men the best opportunity to integrate athletics into the new school year. The following provides basic information on our sports program. Please check for important sports updates on our Delbarton Reopen Roadmap hub on Delbarton.org.


  • Please do not congregate at sports fields during practices.
  • Maintain social distancing in parking lots.
  • Keep your cell phone handy to communicate with your son if a problem arises.
  • While we await NJSIAA guidelines regarding attendance at sports events, please know that Delbarton intends to strictly enforce all mandates regarding crowd size, mask-wearing and social distancing in any group settings.
Student Athletes

Mandatory Check-In: Each athlete must complete and submit the Delbarton Athletics COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire prior to every workout, and have his temperature taken by the coaching staff.

If a screening form includes a ‘yes’ response or athlete’s temperature reading is 100.4 degrees or above:

  • Athlete is removed from the line, stands well away from teammates, and parent is contacted immediately to pick up athlete.
  • Athlete’s condition is reported to Athletics Trainer Matt Benezewski and School Nurse Deirdre McAuliffe.
  • A physician’s note must be submitted to Head Coach before athlete returns to a Delbarton athletics practice.
fall sports schedule

PHASE 1: Summer Recess Period July 14 – July 26

  • During practices, all athletes maintain 6’ social distance and wear masks before and during check-in procedures.
  • Student athletes will be assigned to a 10-man ‘pod’ that he remains in throughout Phase 1.

PHASE 2: Summer Recess Period July 27 – August 28

  • All protocols from Phase 1 continue with the ‘pods’ expanded to 25 athletes.
  • Weight room use resumes with clearly posted and monitored mask and social distancing requirements.

VIRTUAL CONTACT PERIOD: August 29 – September 13

  • Fall coaches contact with student athletes is limited to virtual interaction.


  • Check-in protocols resume.
  • October 1: First games for Soccer games and Cross Country meets.
  • October 2 – October 3: First Football games.

Middle School Athletics

All middle school sports teams will follow high school athletics schedule.

For sports-related questions, contact Director of Athletics Dan Whalen at 973-538-3231 x3030 or DWhalen@delbarton.org

The Arts

The Arts are an integral a part of the Delbarton Experience and our goal is to offer as robust a program as possible while maintaining the necessary COVID-19 restrictions. Studio Arts and Performing Arts that are part of the Delbarton credit-bearing curriculum will continue but in a modified context regarding masks, social distancing and the sharing of materials.

Important: If a student is symptomatic or has been in contact with anyone tested positive for COVID-19, please follow the Delbarton Illness Policy posted above.

fall music program

The following plans were created in consultation with the NJ Arts September Ready Guidelines and best practices.

The following Delbarton ensembles that will resume in fall 2020:

  • Orchestras
  • Instrumental Ensembles
  • Rock Band (instrumentals only, no singers)
  • Theatrical Productions

Choral Groups: Singing has been identified as a known COVID-19 contagion factor. Therefore, we will not offer group singing unless we are able to host the vocalists outdoors and socially distanced.

musical rehearsal and performance modifications


  • Students arrive 10 minutes before a rehearsal is help set up chairs and music stands. Only ensemble members may enter the FAC at this time. Parents drop off and pick up their son or daughter in the adjacent parking lots.
  • Students enter FAC wearing a mask and continue wearing a mask until it is time to play a wind/brass instrument.
  • Directors arrive 10 minutes early before a rehearsal to manage social distancing, and facilitate setup of rehearsal space.

Rehearsal Spaces:

  • All performing groups moved to larger rooms to create more space among participants.
  • Stage curtains removed to allow for better airflow in space and allow musicians and actors to spread out.
  • 6’-distanced grid taped on stage and band room floor to guide participants. Rehearsal rooms taped to indicate proper spacing.
  • Rehearsal room doors remain open for improved air circulation and minimize door handle contact.
  • Chairs set up in rows to prevent ensemble members from facing one another; increased spacing for extended instruments.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes provided in each rehearsal space and their use encouraged.

Departing Rehearsals:

  • Students assist with breakdown of rehearsal space to prepare for next users.
  • Each ensemble member responsible for sanitizing both chair and music stand before they are stowed away.

For daily rehearsal schedules and rehearsal locations, please refer to our Delbarton.org Reopen Roadmap hub. For music-related questions, contact Music Director David Blazier at 973-538-3231 x3077 or DBlazier@delbarton.org.

Fall Theater Program

Our goal is to give students as close to ‘traditional’ theatrical experience as possible while maintaining best practices regarding health and safety. All Abbey Player productions will meet or exceed NJEA/Arts Ed NJ best practice guidelines while school is open for in-person instruction with social distancing. These plans are subject to further guidance from Arts Ed NJ.

Our objective in fall 2020 is to provide one of these options:

  • Traditional live performance with (limited) in-person audience and streaming option or
  • Live performance with remote audience (fully streamed) or
  • Pre-recorded and edited performance with fully remote audience
auditions and rehearsals
  • Candidates must complete a pre-screening questionnaire and have temperature taken before entering FAC.
  • Masks must be worn at all times other than performing prepared monologues onstage.
  • Social distancing will take place on and offstage.
  • Actors will wear face shields (provided by Delbarton) for scene work.
  • Students may wear cloth masks under shields if they are more comfortable doing so.
  • We will minimize shared equipment (props, furniture) as much as possible.
  • We will disinfecting shared equipment as often as possible.


  • Limit capacity in dressing rooms/ limited costume changes.
  • Plexiglass shields to separate stations.

Stage Crew

  • Masks worn at all times.
  • No more than three people in Control Booth; masks and 6’ distance required.
  • No sharing comms headsets/packs; headsets will be disinfected after each use.
  • All control boards will be wiped down after use.

For Live Audience

  • Online pre-purchased tickets.
  • Masks required of all patrons.
  • Temperature checks of all patrons, actors, and crew.
  • Hand sanitizer stations placed throughout lobby and at each door to auditorium.
  • Limit seating availability In FAC to maintain social distancing - no more than two patrons seated together.
  • No intermission; no concession stands.
  • Streaming ticket option for overflow or audience members not comfortable attending in person.

For theater-related questions, please contact Theater Director Matt Corica MCorica@delbarton.org.

Faculty and Staff

For Delbarton faculty and staff members, our unprecedented move to Virtual Delbarton was a challenge that they rose to last spring with outstanding results. They also developed new tools and modes of instruction that remain useful both in and outside of the classroom. Now, they are eager to reconnect with students and are hard at work preparing to return to the classrooms with COVID-19 modifications in place.

  • Teachers will enforce mask wearing and the sanitization of desks. Other than during lunchtime, all students and teachers are required to wear a mask in every Delbarton building.
  • In the classroom, group projects and paired work will be limited to avoid person-to-person contagion.
  • Remote teaching accommodations will be made for the few faculty members who are high risk to develop complications due to COVID-19 or who care for high-risk family members.
  • All Departmental, Faculty and Staff Meetings will be socially distanced and require the wearing of masks.
  • Delbarton will compensate faculty and staff members for additional COVID-related childcare expenses during the 2020-21 school year. Click here for more details on the Delbarton COVID-19 Childcare Reimbursement Plan and here to download a Check Request Form.

Delbarton Admissions

The application process for the Delbarton School 2021-22 enrollment year launched on August 1, 2020 on our Admissions Homepage. Access our application by clicking the Apply Now button to enter the SchoolAdmin admissions portal.

Delbarton School will run its traditional, in-person admissions process while implementing the health and safety measures mandated by the state of New Jersey including social distancing, face coverings, and facility cleaning protocols for on-campus activities including interviews and campus tours, entrance exams, and our Saturday, October 3 Fall Open House.

We believe all applicant families are best served by an in-person admissions experience and that a family and school learn most about one another through live and authentic interactions. However, for any family with health concerns that inhibit them from participating in our in-person process, we offer a parallel, Virtual Delbarton Admissions Track that takes families through each stage of the admissions process.

Details about the In-Person and Virtual Tracks, as well as the specific safety measures and procedures Delbarton will implement for all admission events, will be posted on the Delbarton.org Admissions homepage by September 1.

If Delbarton School is not permitted to conduct its Admissions In-Person Track, the Admissions Office simply will pivot to requiring that all applicants complete the Virtual Track. If Delbarton is unable to hold its in-person Fall Open House, we will host a comprehensive Virtual Open House and post the recorded content on our website.

Finally, Delbarton is producing and publishing on its Admissions pages a robust collection of resources including applicant engagement tools, virtual tours, and multi-media experiences with videos and podcasts. These new assets will enable interested students and families to explore various areas of student, classroom, and campus life at Delbarton.

We trust this roadmap for the Delbarton Admissions process is clear and helpful to you as you navigate the fall admissions season. Please do not hesitate to contact our Admission Office directly at admissions@delbarton.org with your questions or concerns.

Non-Academic Operations

The Delbarton Business Office, Advancement and Marketing & Communications departments will operate with certain modifications.

  • Staff members will practice 6’ social distancing and wear masks where distance is not an option.
  • Face to face meetings will be minimized.
  • Scanning and email options or interoffice mail are encouraged as an alternative.

Housekeeping and Buildings & Grounds

  • Housekeeping and Buildings & Grounds employees will wear masks where social distancing is not possible.
  • Housekeeping staff will wear disposable latex gloves when sanitizing surfaces.

Technology and Security

  • Our Technology staff will practice social distancing and wear masks when distance is not an option.
  • Delbarton Security remains in effect when school is in session. Campus visitors will be restricted, and parents are asked not to drop off forgotten items to limit visitors.

Important August 2020 Dates

Monday, August 10: Reopening plan shared during Summer Town Hall meeting

Thursday-Friday, August 20-21: New Faculty Orientation

Sunday, August 23: New Family Mass & Welcome Picnic

Monday, August 24: Faculty and Staff Orientation

Tuesday, August 25: 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Orientation

Wednesday, August 26: 7th, 8th, 9th Grade Orientation

Thursday, August 27: Faculty and Staff Meeting

Friday, August 28: 9th Grade Camp Bernie Trip/7th Grade Rafting Trip

Monday, August 31: Fall Term Classes Begin/First Day of School

Stay Informed

The information contained in this presentation will be posted on the Delbarton.org homepage under our Reopen Roadmap hub. This online site will updated regularly to reflect any changes in our program.


Last spring, we launched our successful Virtual Delbarton program and navigated an unprecedented shift from in-person to distance learning. All in our community should be justifiably proud of the great work we did inspired by our signature Succisa Virescit spirit. Now, as we look forward to reopening our on-campus program, we seek to accomplish our goals to teach, learn, compete, perform and serve together while respecting all state and local mandates and guidelines. As with everything else we do, we will succeed by working as a team. We know we can do it!

If you have any questions or concerns about our reopening plans, please email your query to reopening@2020@delbarton.org. Click the button below to share your thoughts.