Zulu People By: Shannon,Alyssa, Xanafia


Have you ever thought about people in the Zulu nation and how they have grown? Our novel "We are all the same" by Jim Wooten. The topics of AIDS, poverty, and Zulu tribe is evident through the boy Nkosi. Nkosi was born with AIDS and lived in poverty. But, soon Nkosi got "adopted" by a less fortunate family. Our magezine is to inform people about the Zulu tribe, and their challenges. We are going to display several artistic products. The first thing you will see is four poems describing the Zulu tribes life with poverty. We have also created a drawing. Under the drawing you will see a description of how it relates back to our book.

Table Of Content


We Want, By: Shannon McLeroy

The Struggle of Life , By: Shannon Mcleroy

Shaka, By: Xanafia Clemens

Thirst, By: Shannon McLeroy

My Days are Coming to an End,By: Shannon McLeroy

We Want

By: Shannon McLeroy

We hear lot of people say we want

But does what we want matter?

We want something to rest our heads on

We want food to consume each night

Our wants are what we need to survive

We don't always get what we want though

We ache day in and day out

We watch our race deteriorate slowly

So remember your wants are benefits

Our wants are obligations

The Struggle of Life

By: Shannon McLeroy

The effort is real

I'm starving

My family is starving

What do I do?

Do you starve myself to feed them?

I must feed them

They are dying slowly

I don't want to lose them

My time is up

"Shaka" Artwork Explanation

By: Xanafia Clemens

​My artwork, "Shaka" represents the annual holiday celebrated by the Zulu people called Shaka's Day.

​After all of my research I decided on a man during Shaka day. The tribe celebrates Shaka's day annually. Shake is the famous founder of the Zulu kingdom. They gather at Shaka's tombstone at Kwadukuza in Stranger. On this day they wear their traditional clothing.

​I just think it's cool that they still celebrate this day even though it was so long ago. I believe that if people hold true to old traditions they have an enormous amount of respect for their past. This inspired me to draw a man in his traditional clothing, dancing. I first used pencil and then charcoal to add depth to the drawing. I was originally was going to do Shaka himself but, I thought that one man from modern day celebrating still was a better option.


By: Shannon McLeroy

I want to hear drip drip from a hose

But I don't

I see people walking back and forth

Scooping water with buckets

But is it really worth it?

Humanity is continuously sullyng water

How would you feel if you had to drink it?

Now put yourself in our shoes

We want to hear a unsullied drip from hose

Our wants are the least of our troubles

Our needs come first

We are in distress agonizingly each day

My Days are Coming to an End

By:Shannon McLeroy

My days are coming to an end

My stomach is growling I think it's a signal im hungry

But everything I need to survive is not around

I'm suffering slowly

Nothing seems to be around me

Our community is reducing day by day

Each day I see Africans like me in distress

How do I help them?

How do I help my self?

Am I gonna die?

Is our race gonna be terminated?

We have many issues

We are undernourished

How do they expect us to survive?

We don't have the fields to grow food or rations to survive

Is there a way out of this?

Am I gonna die like everyone else?

Let's hope not

Even though I know my days are coming to an end

The History of AIDS

By: Alyssa Concepcion

Where the Zulu live, 7 million people that have HIV. It estimated 59.6% of sex workers have HIV in different areas: 72% Johannesburg, 54% Dorban, 40% Cape Town and many more. The 19.8% of all new HIV infections are from sex workers. There are 380,000 new HIV infections and 180,000 Aids related deaths. The adults get antiretroviral treatment.

Once upon a time, there was a couple named Jocelyn and Xavier. They found each other when they went into the Zulu Tribe. Soon after they went into the tribe, Xavier proposed to Jocelyn without knowing her well. But there was one secret that he did not know about Jocelyn. After a while the couple got closer. They started going on dates and started telling more and more about each other.

Next people in the tribe started running around and yelling “ I have Aids.” So the couple just stared at each other, but they didn't know what to do. Jocelyn asked Xavier if he had AIDS. He didn't know what to say, so he turned his head and walked away. A couple days later he decided to go look for Jocelyn. He found and told her he did. Jocelyn started flipping out because they had sex and she never had AIDS before. She then scheduled a doctor's appointment to get checked out.

Three weeks later she went to see the doctor. The doctor had her answer questions about different symptoms and other stuff. She soon realized she had many symptoms of AIDS. She then started asking many concerning questions. Next the doctor took a swab and took it to the lab. Within an hour, the doctor came back with the results. The doctor said “Did you know you were pregnant?”.

She with a answer of, “No.” The doctor didn't know what to say. Then the doctor referred her to another doctor. She left the doctor's office crying. When she got in the car, she called Xavier. Xavier was as shocked as she was. They didn't know to say or do.

When she got home, they sat down and had a long talk. They discussed many things that would change in their life. A little after the conversation was over the phone rang. The doctor was on the phone and said,“We need you to make an appointment as soon as possible.” When she hung up the phone, she didn't know how to react or comprehend what was said.

A little later when she calmed down she went down and set up an appointment. Little did she know she had to come back in less than a month.

A month later she went to the doctor and they did more test. With the doctors leaving her clueless she was scared. An hour later the doctor came back and said, “Congratulations you’re four months pregnant.” She started crying and didn't know what to do. The doctor said, “Don't worry we will get it figured out.” She finally left and she made one more appointment to make sure it was true.

It was labor time. As Xavier and her were waiting in the room, the doctor came in and asked, “Are you ready to push yet?” She said, “ Yes I’m ready.” They took her to the deliver room and she pushed Sabrinna out. A little while after the doctor took the baby to do some tests. They found something wrong with the baby. Then they went back to the parents and asked them, “ Did either one of you have AIDS?” Xavier with a startled look turn his head away from the doctor.

Jocelyn looked at the doctor and said “Yes, my husband has AIDS.” The doctor then said “ We are sorry to inform you, but your baby was born with AIDS.’’ She started freaking out and crying. But the doctor had even more bad news to go along with this. The doctor said “ She might live until at least 4 years old maybe a little older.” This AIDS is really a deadly disease that is going around. Jocelyn didn't know what to do at all. She decided to keep the baby. She told Xavier that she thought it was better even though when Sabrinna passes away it is gonna be hard.

A couple months later the baby passed away. When the doctors told her that she did, she broke down in tears. Even though they knew it was gonna happen it was still really a big heart break for their family.

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