Edward Ratchford And his life in the 1930's

Looking around Edward Ratchford's home you can see decor from his earlier life.

Edward Ratchford, born in 1920, looks on as he tells his grandchildren about his life during the Great Depression.

During the Great Depression, Ed would often skip school and head to the coal mines in town to look for work. Working he made .50 cents an hour, $3.50 a day and about $15.00 a week. This amount of money during the Great Depression was good for their family.

A picture of a younger Ratchford lines the china cabinets in his dining room.

Ratchford ended up quitting school in the 7th grade in order to continue bringing in money for his family. Being the oldest boy of 9 children, he was considered the man of the house and was needed to help the family survive during this rough era.

A piano decorated in sheet music sits in his living room where his daughter, Leanne, will play music. This is something his own family grew up on that he enjoys to this day.

When President Roosevelt was elected as President of the United States, the Ratchford's were hopeful. They couldn't wait for a change to be made and with Roosevelts new MPA and CCC plans to help reunite the country, they felt a positive influence was in action.

Edward often sits on his front screen in porch to watch the birds chirp, read his books/newspaper or listen to music.

"Times were tough in the 30's..."

Photos of his late wife hang around his house.

The 1930's for Ratchford were a time to really fight for your family. If it wasn't for President Roosevelt or World War II, I don't think we could have survived the depression.

A picture that says, 'home sweet home' hangs in the front room of his house.
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