Farmers' Field Day Ruaha Mbuyuni, Iringa, Tanzania

On July 5, staff from the Feed the Future Tanzania Mboga na Matunda (FTFT-MnM) activity participated in a Farmers' Field Day in Iringa, training 141 farmers who attended from from Ruaha Mbuyuni and neighboring villages.

Trainings on crop selection based on budget and profitability, business planning, record keeping, and loan management drew crowds during Farmers’ Field Day (FFD).

Farmers received instructions on how to prepare a balanced meal using locally available foods.

FTFT-MnM nutritionists showed farmers how to use Baobab seed powder mixed with maize flour, fresh milk, and sugar to prepare a nutritious porridge.

Porridge during the preparation process.

Attendees taste-test porridge and orange-fleshed sweet potato (OFSP) crisps.

FTFT-MnM trains farmers and other stakeholders on the importance of increasing the economic value of their produce or commodities.

Pictured is an FTFT-MnM food processing specialist sharing knowledge on its socio-economic importance during the FFD.

A Syngenta agronomist reviews the latest affordable products the company offers with farmers attending the FFD.

Working with partners is a key strategy FTFT-MnM uses to equip beneficiaries with agronomic services and inputs in the areas of implementation.

An Israel Chemicals Limited agronomist shares information with farmers on technology-rich fertilizers.

The company affordably sells these fertilizers to smallholders to help increase yields and improve the quality of crops. ICL is a partner of FTFT-MnM.

Joan Mayer, adviser on program coordination, integration, and learning from the USAID Mission in Iringa, welcomes guest of honor Asia Abdallah, district commissioner of Kilolo in the Iringa region.

Farmers learn about postharvest handling techniques during a training session.

Farmers receive technical training from an FTFT-MnM agronomist on good agricultural practices and technologies to use when growing sweet pepper.

Story by Fintrac Inc., implementing partner of the Feed the Future Tanzania Mboga na Matunda program.

All photos courtesy of Fintrac Inc.

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