Join the soccer team Go see what you have what it takes! If it's your dream go follow it, make it happen. This sport is a passion and fun.

Doctors recommend you to stay active in order for you to be active. If you want to get into a sport lots of people recommend that you try out soccer. Soccer helps you build your stamina and that will help you when you get older because your going to use that when you work.
If it is your dream then try out don't let your fears get the best of you. When you join a soccer team you create a bond with your teammates like no other. You become more than just a team you become a family in a way.
People who follow their dreams end up achieving them and more things along the way. They become well known by others around the world. Soccer players have more stamina than regular people who don't play. They also get the paid a lot.

The purpose of my advertisement is to have more people want to play soccer. I'm trying to make people join and see how fun and good it is to join and play. My target audience is for people that want to join a soccer team but are too scared and just need a bit more convincing so they can follow there dreams. My three rhetorical appeals are Pathos, Ethos, and Logos. My pathos is when I try to explain that a soccer team is more than a team it's like a family you create a bond with others. The Ethos is when lots of people recommend that you try it out and how doctors would recommend it because you need to be active in order for you to be healthy. Finally the logos is when I say to follow your dreams and to not let your frears overwhelm you and that you should go see if you have what it takes. Yes I believe that my advertisement is effective because of how it pulls you in.


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