Aurora Consultancy A Case for the circular economy award

Who are Aurora Consultancy?

Aurora Consultancy are a sustainability consultancy agency based in Scotland consisting of sustainability advisers and trainers, plus a number of specialist associate partners, which help to ensure that they can approach all business needs, whatever the size or type of business that may require help from Aurora Consultancy.

In the year 2016, Aurora Consultancy has enjoyed a great deal of success in industrial recognition, including winning the Climate Launchpad award for Europe's largest CleanTech business idea. On top of this, the organisation has also received nominations for awards in the 2016 Highlands and Islands Food & Drink Awards, in the Environment & Innovation category; as well as being a finalist in the 2016 VIBES Awards in the Circular Economy Award category.

Scope of Aurora Consultancy

Since the formation of the organisation, Aurora Consultancy has helped provide sustainable innovations in Scotland, and multiple other locations across the globe. Looking close to home, the company has helped develop the 'Whirligro' system on Scottish farms. This is a product that enables the growers to grow their crops vertically as opposed to horizontally, thus allowing more to be grown in a smaller space.

Looking further afar from Scotland, Aurora Consultancy has provided sustainability solutions in the Middle East. From the years 2004-10, the organisation was involved in developing the Hydroponic greenhouse, a 1,000-square-meter facility was developed in Middle-East. It is still in use, and utilizes relatively less electrical power than ordinary greenhouse and distillation systems to evaporate 5 tons of seawater daily: cooling and distillation processes are powered by the sun and wind, making the self-sustaining system optimal for use in remote locations.

Aurora Consultancy & Social Sustainability

In order to develop their clients knowledge of environmental sustainability Aurora Consultancy provide an array of tools, workshops, audits, mentoring and consulting services to support social, private and public enterprises, C-Suite Managers, Boards and consultants.

The organisation also provides the option for managers to join them in a discussion, workshop or a Skype call and explore thought leadership and specialist views on a raft of topics. These topics can include helping a business to develop a Sustainability Strategy from scratch, should one not exist in the organisation before.

Waste Re-use Innovation:

In order for an organisation to be considered for the Circular Economy award, they must show that they have an innovative way of providing waste products with a new lease of life, so to speak. Aurora Consultancy does just this through its use of coffee waste and whisky distilleries heat, producing and supplying dry and fresh mushrooms to increase Scottish biodiversity, food resilience, water quality, flood alleviation, carbon storage, animal welfare, land restoration.

In doing this, Aurora Consultancy will create the possibility of generating several possible products. These include:

● Using a new and innovative business model extending resource value of a waste product

● Mushrooms for reforesting and pollution recovery

● CO2 capturing: mushrooms increase the trees growth three times

● High-value gourmet mushrooms for the food trade

● Supplement mushroom products for herbal medicine

● Packaged mushroom kits for the “Grow Your Own” market

● Mushrooms to support the establishment of biodiverse forest ecosystems.

● High protein animal feed

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