World Religion By: Lucas Sagar

How does Samsara change the lives of Hindus?


In Hinduism there are four factors that affect your life, afterlife, and reincarnation. These factors are known as Karma, Samsara, Deities, and Dharma. In my opinion Samsara is a very important idea and I am curious how it affects the lives of many Hindus. In the modern Hindu religion Samsara is a basic term that names the life cycle for humans. The four major points in Samsara is Birth, Death, Reincarnation, and Rebirth. This is a very important cycle to me because all of the other elements of Hinduism lead to Samsara.

In many forms of Hinduism every life ends with Samsara. This is also a fascinating idea because when a Hindu dies they accept it believing it was rightfully their turn. Also, as a Hindu is dying they don't get to emotionally unbalanced because as they learned, if they died and had good karma they could be placed in a better life. However, the cycle of Samsara doesn't repeat forever. When a soul has earned enough good karma they are placed to live in an immortal realm with Brahmin.

In their religion Brahmin is a supreme power over everything. Surprisingly, Hinduism has about 330,000 million gods they are all parts of the almighty Brahmin. Another fascinating thing is that most Hindus make the best of their life no matter how much or little money they have. This is amazing because people in the U.S. have more money than most Hindus dream of and all they do is complain that they need more.

Another positive idea about Samsara is that is supports peace. This is because part of you Dharma or basic rules of life is to treat every animal peacefully because that could be you after the cycle of Samsara is complete. I find that the Hinduism is a religion of cycles that all lead up to Samsara until your life goal of Moksha is achieved. Because all of these things lead to Samsara this tells me that it has a massive impact on the life of a Hindu.

Watching Hindu's all around the world, I notice that they are just good people in general without trying to please the gods. This is an amazing this that rarely occurs with other religions. This is a shocking thing because if everyone was that happy with life the wold would be a peaceful place without wars. For these reasons I am truly amazed on how Samsara effects the lives of many Hindus around the world.

How does Nirvana affect the daily life of a Buddhist?


Nirvana is the goal for life as a Buddhist. In their religion when you have reached Nirvana you have done enough good things in life that you go live with Buddha. This is similar to Hinduism because like Hinduism after you have passed the cycle of life with enough good karma then they can live with the spirit of Brahmin in their version of Nirvana called Moksha. However, unlike the Hindus the Buddhists have to live a happy life of peace without harming nature believing everything on the planet should have a fair chance at life.

Nirvana has a great affect on the life of a Buddhist because if a person works their life to accomplish them it will change them physically, mentally, and spiritually. These changes are the stepping stones in life that every person will take. Not only are these steps to achieving Nirvana, nut in many other big religions they are common things that some of us see and experience every day. The only exception that allows people that have not yet achieved Nirvana is being a bodhisattva. A bodhisattva is a buddhist that has the ability to achieve Nirvana, but delays it on purpose to help other buddhist on their path to Nirvana. These few are honoured deeply throughout the buddhist community.

When the religion of Buddhism was founded by Buddha in the 6th century it was not only identified as one of the newest of the religions, yet it was also said to be more like a way of life than a religion. This is true because some religions can be very strict about what you where or eat, but Buddhism requires you to be happy and enlightened on your journey to the final destination of Nirvana. On your way to Nirvana your life is aging, and it is true that many people around this age in North America often suffer from depression. Amazingly, because most Buddhist people are so happy and calm wherever there population is high the depression rate drops.

Not only can the happiness from Buddhist communities cure diseases around the world, yet many poor Buddhist people live longer than the average American. This is because happiness is good for the mind and also it makes people feel pure and free. The most amazing part of this strong desire of happiness is that a Buddhist works their whole life without giving up to achieve it. Nirvana is the eternal realm of enlightenment with the spirit of Buddha. What is a shocking factor of the Buddhist religion is how people have the strength to be bodhisattvas and help their people to have happiness forever. This tells me that Buddhism is truly a fascinating religion that has began to develop around the world.

How does Ten Commandments effect the lives of Jews?


The pictures above represent sacred writings of Judaism including the Torah and the Ten Commandments, along with a Rabbi or a scribe/priest of Judaism.

The Ten Commandments are a series of rules that were written by God himself and handed to Moses to share with the world. The Ten Commandments are the rules that every Jewish person should live by. Because of this many Jews are greatly effected by these rules and are very carful to obey them. Also, the Jewish community is very peaceful because their rules require them to be kind and caring to guests. Not only is the Ten Commandments part of their daily routine, yet it is also has a big part in their sacred writings.

When Jews go to the synagogue on Saturday they often look over the Ten Commandments. Also, sometime when they read through the Torah they can see and reflect the Ten Commandments. As the worlds largest monotheistic religion they show their faith in a very traditional way. When they read the sacred texts mostly all of them are in the original holy language of Hebrew. Not only does this prevent errors of translation, but it makes them feel closer to their God. This is good because many of them are proud of being Jewish.

Another reason the Sacred writings of Judaism are so important, is because the writings are in Hebrew which was the language spoken back then. This is crucial because it is a main factor in making a majority of the Jewish sacred writings a primary source. Also, because Judaism is the oldest major monotheistic religion so it was possibly created around this time. One of the most unique things about Judaism is that their religion requires you to learn the sacred language of the Lord. This is different from most other religions, but not only is this a good thing but it is also useful in modern day life. This is true because a report from schools worldwide show that kids that know a second language do better in school and in daily life.

These images are representing how Moses went to Egypt and freed Jewish slaves. After this God parted the Red Sea for the Jews to escape and led them to a new home with a great future. After this, God called Moses up to Mt. Sinai where he would receive the Ten Commandments to share with the people of the world.

In conclusion the Ten Commandments have a great impact on the lives of many Jews, and this shows that Judaism is a truly unique religion that is determined to grow although of their rough past.

How does the Resurrection of Jesus Effect Christians Worldwide?


The images above show the crucifixion of Jesus sacrificing himself to take away the sins of the world.

In Christianity there is a constant debate over what happened to Jesus after his death. In the religion they originally believe that he was resurrected, and that is the point where the Christians are separated from the Jews. This is also shown on a timeline when the Old testament changed to the New testament at the birth of Christ. Because this is such an important event in Christianity it has a large effect on the lives of Christians.

Some of the main effects of the resurrection started even before it happened. This is because when Jesus was killed on the cross absorbing the sins of the world sacrificing himself to save the people of the world. This is true because on Good Friday when Jesus was nailed to the cross his followers watched in mourning making them even more upset by the Roman Empire. Once his followers returned to his grave site finding it empty the world changed. This is because even the non-believers in the Roman Empire started realising that Jesus was the true Messiah. After Jesus was hung on the cross and resurrected the following Sunday on Easter he visited places all around the world spreading Christianity almost as a missionary.

These pictures represent the death and resurrection of Christ. The sun is a representation of God, and the stained glass as often seen in a church tells a story about this. Finally, the cross grave represents Jesus's death along with the picture of the inside of a church.

This is when he went to North America and spread Christianity to the Mormons as a missionary. Soon he was able to make peace between the two tribes living there. Once he left the tribes stayed calm, over this period the group expanded into cities. The profits sent by Jesus recorded this on a book mad from brass sheets. The Laminites and the Nephites finally after 700 years declared war on each other. Over this time the Nephites civilizations was completely destroyed. Before this destruction a profit named Mormon put all of these writings into a single narrative made with golden sheets. Before Mormon died, he passed it to his son the last Nephite warrior left in North America.

To Escape from death he ran North to modern day New York. Before he died he buried his father's book in a hill called Nomura. While this happened the Laminites continued to grow now known as the ancestors of the Native Americans. In 1823 (1400 yrs later) Moroni appeared as an angel to a man named Joseph Smith. He gave him the location of the plates and through the power of God Joseph translated them to English. Later, in 1830 the book was published as the book of Mormon.

Through all of these unique ceremonies, practices, and beliefs I am now starting to realise that Christianity is a lot more complicated than I could ever imagine.

Why do many Islamic Structures have domes?


The larger picture is a mosque with a religious dome, and the book is the Koran along with a man wearing a Thobe. Finally, the last picture is a halal meal that is common for many Muslims.

Originally, domes were made from the Arabs around 200 C.E. At this time people believed that domes were one of the best architectural break throughs ever, and even now they stand out with their unique shape and shiny marble from miles away. Although the original dome structure was built by the Arabs that does not mean that it didn't spread its glory around the world.

Once the dome was created it spread very fast because not only was it strong and beautiful, yet in many places domes were considered something that royal families must have. Even though the dome spread across the world seen in may ancient structures it had a deeper meaning to Muslims than a pretty top of a building. The word dome is a word that can be understood in many ways, yet one of its core meanings is house of God or protected by God or in the eyes of the Arabs, Allah. Because many Muslims are loyal to their faith they find it necessary for their religious structures to sustain the similarity of a dome.

These are some more famous buildings containing the spiritual feature of a dome. The first building is The Jefferson memorial below that is the #1 wonder of the world the Taj Mahal, and finally there is The Blue Mosque that is located in Turkey.

Although many Islamic structures feature a dome as you can see although some buildings are not Islamic, they are still believed to be under the protection of God. You may think that domes are all the same, yet over time as it spread many different kinds of domes have developed. Some examples of these are the corbel dome, cloister vault, and a modernly used crossed-arch dome.

Though the development of Islam over many millennia I have noticed that domes used for many different things have changed greatly. Although Islam has had some road blocks along their way, they have surprised many people proving themselves with their place holding of the second most popular religion. Don't forget that through this process they were able to create some of the world's best architectural structures. From what I have learned, Islam is a truly incredible religion and will be able to thrive successfully into the future.

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