Behind the door of D4 haley, maria, tyler, Adrian, cyrus, jonathan - February 24 2017

Dr. Seuss week is coming up!

Feb 27, Mustache Day - Wear a mustache.

Feb 28, Tacky Tuesday - Dress Tacky.

March 1st, Waldo Wednesday - Wear red and white or stripes.

March 2nd, is Dr. Seuss' birthday! Dress like your favorite Dr. Seuss character.

March 3rd, Black Sock Day - Wear black socks.

We Love Dr. Seuss

Before Dr. Seuss died he said this, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened".

He also said this, "Sometimes the question is complicated but answers are simple".

We appreciate you DR. SEUSS!

Jokes of The Week:

Why did the banana go to the doctor? He was not peeling well. - Adrian & Jonathan

Why did the barber win the race? Because he took a short cut. - Adrian

How do clams call friends? On there shellpones. - Adrian

Come see the Little Mermaid on March 3rd and 4th at 6:00 in the cafeteria. Ava and Brittany will be staring in it! Our class will be going to see a preview of it on March 2nd.


We are learning about magnets, electricity and circuits.

We did a magnet experiment on Thursday with iron shavings and magnets - COOL STUFF!


We're learning how to subtract and multiply fractions and remembering to always write the answer in simplified form.


We are reading, The Life and Time of The Ant. We are learning about all the jobs that ants have and how important they are to our environment.


We are writing poems and we are practicing our writing, getting ready for AzMerit and our end of the year Galileo Assessment.

School DIY Idea

Create your own rainbow highlighter:

You will need highlighters in pink, blue, and yellow. Grab your yellow highlighter and open it, then grab your blue highlighter and push it on your yellow one. Do the same to your pink and there you have your very own rainbow highlighter!!

Mrs. Parnell's Corner

We have been so busy practicing our fractions, summarizing our reading, writing using correct punctuation, and learning about magnets that the days are flying by! We have added some blended learning to our day also. This is where for part of the day, never during instruction, the students will work on lessons on the computer. This not only helps with their content knowledge, but also with computer skills. With this, if your child wears glasses, please make sure they bring them to school.

Just a reminder - Please return those parent surveys. Our school data and incentives are tied to the results and we need to have 80% returned as a school. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Have a fantastic weekend!


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