2019-2020: Another year of awesome! The BSD FutureBus team created over 50 customized experiences that engaged and inspired over 20,000 students, teachers, and community members around the Northwest and beyond. Making, learning, inspiring, we are driven by one idea: The World Needs More Kid Made Things.

Click on the buttons below to see where we've been and what we've been doing. Scroll down to see highlights from our year. Thank you for your continuing support and enthusiasm for this project! We hope to see you in the near future!

Pictured here are students from Greenway Elementary School exploring control voltage sounds with a Theremin.


We added a new element this year. We contacted and interviewed former C.T.E. students to see what we could learn from them. C.T.E. stands for Career Technical Education, and includes jobs that are often overlooked by a traditional school experience - jobs like welding, manufacturing, automotive trades, construction and more. These students are now in the workforce, and they have a lot to share. And we have a lot to learn! We are very excited to share these stories of our former students to inform and inspire our current ones. Stay tuned for the release of these videos!

Pictured here is Kristin Keppner, a graduate of the BSD Auto Tech CTE program. She is now a line mechanic for Broadway Toyota in Portland, and will soon be a master line mechanic.


Thanks to generous support from First Tech and Dick's Country Dodge, we were able to add a box van to our fleet. The FutureBox is designed to support our team efforts when the Future Bus might have a little too big of a footprint. Team members now support teachers and kids with a nimble utility vehicle that can deliver the goods on a moment's notice. Recent missions include delivering innovative furniture donated from Nike, support for maker events at schools, and offering logistical assistance and incident response support for our kids due to Covid-19.


The FutureBus was an integral part of the COSA Innovation conference at the REDD on Salmon in the Winter of 2020. The aim of the conference was to inspire educational leaders from around the region, and to connect them to the actual world that we are preparing students to enter. Over 300 superintendents, principals, school board members, teachers, and community members attended. Besides the usual thoughtful workshops and keynotes, they took field trips to nearby businesses and organizations to learn about the "real world", and how we can reimagine education to better prepare our students for success. A highlight of the event was a maker-bus "Cruise In" , which included maker buses from Dallas and Gresham/Barlow that were inspired by our bus!

Pictured on the right is Matt Higgins, Founder and CEO of Coava Coffee, sharing innovations that have set his company apart in an incredibly competitive economic landscape.


As a global pandemic completely upends our educational world, we've found ways to help. Right after the pandemic began, we started 3d printing and laser cutting vitally needed Personal Protection Equipment (P.P.E.) for our front line medical workers. With help from local maker organizations and donated supplies, our FutureBus team has been working round the clock to create these vitally needed resources. In the first 6 weeks, the team created thousands of individual pieces of P.P.E. that served medical workers in Oregon, Washington, New Orleans, New York, and more. As this need continues, the FutureBus team will do everything we can with everything we've got.

PPE parts made by BSD FutureBus team bound for local hospitals.


Art by Mia Radostitz

When stay at home orders prevented our kids from coming to school, we did our best to bring the FutureBus to them. Thanks to generous donations from Home Depot, we distributed thousands of take-home maker kits to kids all over the district. Remote learning is more than just screen time, and we wanted to encourage kids to make things with their hands.

Maker kit distribution at Kinnaman.

Pictured to the left is Eddie Emilian, who has facilitated all of the donations of maker kits from Home Depot!


We are all on a new journey now. More than ever, we need to be innovators, creators, and makers. It will not be easy, and it will take more from us than ever before. But there is a reason we called our project the FutureBus. We don't always know what is coming, but we think we know how we can prepare ourselves for it: by working together, taking risks, and especially by encouraging creativity in our kids. The world needs more kid made things - maybe now more than ever!

We will make it through this - together!

Special thanks to: First Tech Credit Union, Beaverton School District, Coava Coffee, Home Depot, Dick's Country Dodge, and the Beaverton Education Foundation.