Are you a Professional "Employee" MLO or Professional "Entrepreneur" MLO? Let's explore...

Are you a Professional "Employee" MLO... more suited to be that “sales-employee” Mortgage Loan Officer that is content working for a larger, known company? Or do you see yourself as the consummate Professional "Entrepreneur" MLO... that is rarely content with where you are today?

Let’s explore which best fits you, your personality and career goals.

What are the options with your career?

1. Start your own Mortgage Banking Company - Have an extra $5-$7 million or more in your bank account to even apply let alone qualify?

2. Become a Mortgage Broker – Easier, but do you want to lose all control of the critical final processes AND have your income and revenue limited and dictated to you by your wholesalers?

3. Stay a loan officer and simply earn commissions?

The “sales-employee” mortgage professional could be defined as:

1. They just want to focus on originating more loans and their career plan is to simply continue doing that until they retire or change companies

2. They are typically driven mostly by both income and recognition

3. They like systems and procedures dictated to them allowing them to focus on originating loans and not managing or building a branch

4. The have the discipline to study their craft and know the products well

5. They prefer not to have to be involved in the behind the scenes operations as long as the job gets done

6. They believe they get business because of the name of the company they work for just as much as with their own abilities and experience

7. They are typically risk-averse when it comes to venturing out on their own

8. They believe that the cost of building and running their own branch or their own company is unattainable

The “Entrepreneur” Mortgage professional could be defined more as:

1. They are frustrated with only earning an income (commissions) and believe their hard work should also result in earning profitability.

2. They typically have a strong desire and confidence enough in their ability to build something of their own

3. They are creative thinkers, not just transactional but from the "thirty thousand foot" entrepreneurial leader’s view as well

4. They are determined to persevere through any difficulty to succeed

5. They are more independent and take full responsibility for their career and professional growth

6. They are a promoter and believe no one can market and promote them better than they themselves

7. They believe without a doubt that they earn their business because of their own professionalism and reputation and it has very little to do with the name of the company on their business card

8. They are naturally risk-takers and realize the greatest rewards come to those willing to take chances. They have the instinctive knowledge to navigate the waters of building their own business

So… which are you today? Employee? Entrepreneur? Which would you rather be in 1, 5, 10, 20 years from now? Remember the 3 options listed above? What if there was a “4th” option that gives you the benefits of both 1 and 2? There is!

CLICK HERE and explore a very unique platform that gives you both the compensation you already earn AND the profit share you deserve! Take a look and send me an email... I will forward to you additional details and guest access to our pricing engine to start the journey. What have you got to lose? You will either verify that where you are today is where you are supposed to be... or this will prove to you that you are leaving way too much money on the table that should be going to you and your family! DARE TO COMPARE!


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Dare to take the opportunity to build your own empire! RIGHT NOW is the best time take action

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