Coldspring Believe that you are more than ordinary

The goals of our community

Here in Coldspring, we aspire to achieve the future. We believe that education, ideas, dreams, and what is inside truly counts. Our society makes sure that your ideas are the base of this wonderful community. We know that you are truly special and you do matter in our society.

Rules of the community

-Differences are strongly valued and cherished. Stereotyping or judging a book by their cover is deeply prohibited, those who break that law will receive a mild punsihment

-If you are a cop, firefighter, or even a teacher, this is the place for you. Here at Coldspring those are the most valued and important jobs. They receive the most payment for serving our community

-We are all united as one. No one is worth more than anyone, we are all equal. There are talents however just no power. Dictatorship and wealth are are extremely illegal to brag about.

-Books are one of the best building blocks of our society each person is required to read at least five books a year.

-Respect all around you. The people the environment etc.

-Don't be shy and just express who you are. No one is judging. Now get up here and do your thing!

-Unless for school or work, all electronic time is limited to at the most 4-5 hours a day. We don't want to seem to much as a dictatorship. The time limit may increase over time.

-All beliefs are allowed. No one will be judged. Just as long as you're not satanic you're good.

-Murder, theft, and rape are very harmful to our community. Any crime committed will be punished. depending on how big the crime is will determine how big the punishment will be.

Daily schedule

There is none


we are located in northern Utah, all of Idaho, half of Montana and Wyoming


Since we believe in equality, the community will vote on all decisions that will be made in the community.

To join us you must be interviewed in order to join, and the elected council will decide on whether or not you can join.

Most of our residents have agreed that Coldspring is the place to live. And by most we of course mean all.



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