Vienna (full day)

After our personal travel agents (Travel by Design) contacted us whilst on their own holiday to voice concerns over some holes in our Vienna itinerary, we were soon rejigging our activities, which meant bumping the 10am walking tour until 5 to fit in the not to be missed, Schömbrunn Palace!

After an early breakfast at one of the few cafes opening before 9am we headed for the Spanish riding school to watch the morning practice session (no photos allowed). It was then off to see the Vienna Imperial Treasury to ogle over lots of very old and shiny stuff before catching a train to Schömbrunn Palace.

Another stunning European Palace! Only to discover that Maria Antoinette was initially an Austrian and grew up spending time at this summer residence before becoming the Queen of France and upgrading (only every so slightly) to the Palace of Versailles!

Time to return back to the heart of Vienna and join the 5pm walking tour. Unfortunately the weather was looking dodgy, the first time since arriving in Europe (and enjoying blue skies and high 20’s).

Whilst our tour guide forged on regardless of the inclement weather, bestowing her passion and historical knowledge apon the dedicated participants, the weather finally broke halfway into the tour, but not to worry, she had a tour to lead, rain, hail or shine (and thankfully there was no hail!). By the end of the tour, whilst overflowing with Vienna history, we were both cold and very wet!

Too wet to find a nice warm restaurant and knowing we were too fatigued to head back out after a change of clothes, we decided on a roadside Würstelstand for a BBQ Sausage in a bread roll to take back with us to eat... As we headed up the street we needed to detour around the back of our building to the other side due to a Police road closure, only to discover that both possible routes to our front door were barricaded and heavily manned by Police! Our apartment faced onto the back of the Bergtheater which appeared to be hosting an event that included very special official guests!

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts of requesting access, we were finally given permission to pass through the barricades and enter the apartment building. Still clutching our soggy sausages in bread rolls! Definitely no option to think of going back out on the town now!

Breakfast Vienna style!

Vienna Imperial Treasures

Schönbrunn Palace

(No internal Palace photos allowed!)

Vienna city walking tour

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