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2018 년 올림픽

By: Tyler Cleland

How many people know about the Olympics? Thousands? Millions? No, the answer is billions. (The entire world’s population, to be exact.) If you don’t know how to speak and/or write Korean, then you might look at the title and say “What the heck is that!?” Well it says “Olympics in 2018.”

And also you may be like why Korean? Well if you didn't know that the Winter Olympics are coming, it will be hosted in South Korea! Where in South Korea? 평창 군, 한국 (Pyeongchang County, South Korea). How many days until it starts? Uh… two min- I-I mean around 6 days.

(I don’t know. While i’m writing this, there are ten more days, it’s Tuesday also.. And it’s probably Friday as you are reading this) There will be a lot of stuff happening in the olympics, but I don’t know what to say next… so TO THE FACTS ABOUT SOUTH KOREA!


Normal Breakfast: 된장 수프와 콩 수프 야채, 밥, 김치, 콩나물, 측면의 시금치, 찐 계란

(Miso soup and bean soup Vegetables, rice, kimchi, sprouts, side spinach, steamed


Normal Lunch (School): 보라색 밥, 스프, 김치, 불고기, 무 (Purple Rice, Soup, Kimchi,

Bulgogi, Radish)

Normal Dinner: 김밥 (Kimbap)

Special Dessert: 떡, 핫떡, 케이크, 육화 (Mochi, Hotteok, Cake, Yakgwa)

National Sport: Football (AKA Kickball or Soccer) and baseball

“Birth” Date: 1948

President: Moon Jae-in

Friend Countries: The Entire World (At least most of it)

Population: 51.25 million

Ah, learning about other countries, eh? Wait.. did I say that the Olympics are in a week? Oh, yeah, I forgot. All of the Korean language up there may not have made sense to some people, so I put the English versions up there in case. Speaking of which, why not waste my time recreating this entire article in Korean?



얼마나 많은 사람들이 올림픽에 대해 알고 있습니까? 수천? 수백만? 아니, 그 대답은 수십억이다. (전 세계 인구, 정확하게 말하십시오.) 당신이 한국어를 말하고 쓰는 법을 모른다면, 그 제목을보고 "도대체 뭐야?"라고 말하면서 "올림픽은 2018 년.

그리고 당신도 왜 한국인일지도 몰라요? 글쎄, 만약 당신이 동계 올림픽이 올지 몰랐다면, 그것은 한국에서 개최 될 것입니다! 한국 어디에 있습니까? 평창 군, 한국 (평창 군, 대한민국). 시작될 때까지 며칠입니까? 어 ... 2 분 .- 나는 약 6 일을 의미한다.

(글을 쓰는 동안 10 일이 더 지났고 화요일에 또 .. 당신이 이것을 읽는 동안 금요일이 될 것입니다.) 올림픽에서는 많은 일이 일어날 것입니다.하지만 저는 다음에 무엇을 말할지 모르겠다. 그래서 한국에 대한 사실에 대해서!


보통 아침 : 수프와 콩 수프 야채, 밥, 김치, 콩나물, 측면의 시금치, 돼지 기름

(된장국 · 된장국 · 야채 · 밥 · 김치 · 콩나물 · 시금치 찜통


보통 점심 (학교) : 보라색 밥, 스프, 김치, 불고기, 무 (보라색 밥, 수프, 김치,

불고기, 무)

보통 만찬 : 김밥 (김밥)

특별 디저트 : 떡, 핫떡, 케이크, 육화 (떡, 핫떡, 케이크, 약화)

국가 스포츠 : 축구 (일명 킥볼 또는 축구)와 야구

"출생"날짜 : 1948

사장 : 문재인

친구 국가 : 전체 세계 (적어도 그것의 대부분)

인구 : 5125 만명

Bring it Home Colorado

By: Gavin Crawley

We have a lot of different Colorado Olympians and each one is special in their own ways. We have the most Olympians to compete. We have 32 different athletes. Mikaela Shiffrin has won gold 7 times she does Alpine Skiing. Lindsey Vonn is another one of our Olympians. She has also won gold 7 times she also does Alpine Skiing. We still have 30 others. Here is a couple of them that are a little bit more known. Casey Andringa, Ben Berend, Aaron Blunck, David Chodounsky, Chris Coming, Mick DierdorfWe still have a lot more than that. We even have a hockey player, Troy Terry from Highlands Ranch. All of our Olympians are already over in South Korea getting ready and adjusting to the time change and the air. I think you would be surprised with how many Snowboarders and Freestyle Skiers we have here in Colorado, I mean I don’t know about you. We have 7 Snowboarders and 7 Freestylers. You know if you could just think about all those athletes and think how much they have trained for this how hard they have worked and what this means to them to be one of those lucky ones that got picked to even be an Olympian and to be in the Olympics. So lets wish all of them good luck and most importantly to have a lot of fun.

Information from Sports Illustrated and 9 News.com

Mrs. Milley saves the school from the snow storm monster...AGAIN!

Written & Illustrated By: Julie Aguilera

The Adventures of Jean Little-Foot

By: Sophia Pollard and Greer Bezemek-Aguilar

One day, A man named Jerry Large Toe decided he wanted a daughter without having a daughter. He cut out a beautiful little paper doll and drew on it, And named it Jean Littlefoot. One night he saw a couple strolling together outside and getting engaged, that night he realized he was forever alone, and held Jean close while crying. His tears of loneliness brought Jean to life and she baked him huckleberry pie, Just like Gordon Ramsay. That day without knowing who made the pie, Jerry Large Toe ate some and left on a 7 year work trip to study life in africa. Jean woke up and realized he was overseas! SHE HAD TO FIND HIM! Jean went outside. Until she felt a raindrop on her head. “ Oh no… rain?” Jean said taking her delicate hands and putting them over her head. But it was no use. Jean was made out of paper. Her bonnet, dress, and shoes were soaked. And suddenly… RIP! Her dress was tearing. Jean would have ripped till there was nothing left when a little girl named Maggie Lane had saw the poor doll on the floor. Maggie picked up the soaked doll and rapped her in her rain coat. And ran home. “ Mother! Mother!” Maggie said with excite. Her mother turned around to see her daughter holding Jean. “ What a lovely doll.” she said. “ Mother I am going to make some clean clothes for Susana.” Maggie said rocking Jean like a baby. “ Is that what you named her?” the mother said with a warm smile. “ Yes.” Maggie said as she ran to her room. Maggie got out paper and scissors and began to cut. It took her 3 hours to make Jean 5 pairs of dresses. She let Jean dry then taped her other dress. She dressed Jean with her new dresses. Maggie also made Jean a little paper doll to be her friend. Maggie named the little doll Little Jane. Maggie liked that name and so did Jean. Jean, Maggie, and Little Jane had a wonderful summer together. They played tag outside, they baked cookies, and they read and made up stories together. One day. Jean, Maggie, and Little Jane went to the park to skip stones on the stream. “ Wow 4 skips!” Maggie said with excite.

When they came home Maggie’s mom made a incredible announcement! “ Maggie, Susana, Little Jane I have a amazing announcement! We are going on a river cruise!” Maggie was so excited. That night she packed her suitcase and Jean’s too. “ Are you ready to go Susana?” Maggie said the next morning. Maggie entered their room on the boat excitedly! Little Jane and Jean were so excited! They went on deck, But Mama was seasick and went to the nurse. Maggie was not too worried because her mama always gets motion sickness and the nurse said that’s it but she will have to say in that room for a day. Maggie went on board to clear her head when she met a strange man. “ Hi, I’m Benny Bob Kob, want to go swimming? “ said the man. “ Ok, Strange man, Actually my friends can’t get wet. Do you have a boat? “. The man’s eyes gleamed, Because that was his plan. Maggie jumped on the small boat, and The man paddled to shore. “ Shouldn’t we be following the ship?” Maggie said curious. “ No, Follow me. “ said Benny Bob Kob. .Benny Bob Kob led them into woods no deeper than the sea. “Oh, This is the place where mama will meet us. Are we going backpacking? “ benny laughed but didn’t respond. Soon Benny stopped. “ Wait here.” he said and ran of into the trees. 5 minutes later the man had not shown his face. 20 min, 30, min, 50 min, and soon an hour. Maggie got even more scared. “ Hello? “ she said. No answer. Soon the man jumped out of a bush along with 2 other men. The 2 men grabbed Maggie by the arm. Maggie was so scared that she dropped Jean and Little Jane. Then they dragged Maggie until she was out of sight. Then they went to the bank, And stood outside. Benny said “ Alright, I know your grandma made you a saving account with 1,000 dollars, With your yes I will take the money out like i’m your dad. If not.. You know what I will do.”

They entered the bank and Maggie signed a few forms to take out money. Then she had ten one hundred bills ( 10 $100s. ). She gave them to Benny and gasped. She left Jane and Jean in her purse in the woods. They are probably getting out now and see what’s happening. Then she turned around and saw no one but annoyed employees. The two men left her in the bank!

Hours after. Maggie did not come back. “ She’s gone.” Jean said to Little Jane. “ It’s just us now” They began to walk through the thick woods. They knew that they would never see Maggie again. Soon Little Jane was too tired to walk. “ Let’s stop here.” Jean said and they sat down. Soon they fell asleep. “ Little Jane did you hear that?” Jean said. Soon they saw a man with a big pack and a dirty face. “ Why Look what we have here.” the man said and picked up Jean and Little Jane. “Looks like a little girl might have dropped these” he said. Then he stuffed them in his pocket and headed on. Soon the man stopped and took out Jean and Little Jane. “ Hmmm… let’s see what should we call yall?” the man said scratching his beard. “ How ‘bout Minnie and Milly. “ Jean thought in her head who ever named me Minnie? “ Oh how rude of me my ladies… the names Buck.” he said. Buck took a little cloth and covered them over Jean and little Jane. “ I take it your little friend likes to sleep Minnie.” Buck said with a chuckle. “ You know Minnie… you… sort of remind me of of my little daughter Anna Kate.” Buck said and sighed. “ She ran away from home when she was 9…” Buck soon started to cry. Jean felt bad for him. “ Well… goodnight Minnie.” he said then turned over and fell asleep. Jean thought for awhile. She missed Maggie. But had a new owner. That very next morning Buck awoke. “ Mornin Minnie and Milly “ He said, grabbed them, and started to walk. Soon a big wind blew them hair of Buck. “ Ahhhh! Doesn’t that feel good Minnie?” He said turning to Jean. Jean loved the weather too. But then Jean and Little Jane flew out of Buck’s hand. “ MINNIE! MILLY!”

Jean and Little Jane blew into a grandma’s purse. When she got home and unloaded, She gasped. “ Oh my!!! “ You are so cute. My ancestors must have blessed me with this one! It’s my two twin grandkids birthdays! She put them in a stuffy box with 3 holes poked for air and lots of doll furniture. “ I could get used to this “ Little Jane said happily as she chillaxed on a luxury sofa and read a little doll book. When they arrived, Two little girls, around 8 years old took them out and squealed. “ Nana! Really? “ A black haired one said. “ Yes, June. “ she said, Happy. “ Thanks nana! “ said a blonde haired girl “ You’re welcome Elizabeth! “! June sat them down and Elizabeth looked at them. “ Did you ever have a owner? Nana said she found you lost on the street “ June said, Curiously. Jean started to tell them the whole story. “ KIDNAPPED! My dad’s a cop. He should know how to catch him “ Elizabeth said.“ Maybe that’s what happened to Anna Kate. Papa was so depressed when she disappeared. “ Bedore Jean could say anything, Buck entered.” girls, I’m home! I’m sorry I didn’t get you the paper dolls you wanted.. OH MY! MINNIE AND MILLY! “ he yelled. “ Actually It’s Jean and Little Jane. They told us. “ June said Then she sat him down and told him. “ Well, “ Buck said. “ looks like we have a kidnapper to catch! “

In the bank, The men eventually came back. Maggie was led to a old shed. When she walked in she saw a girl at the age of 18. “ Who are you? “ Maggie said. “ I’m Anna Kate. I ran away from home to live with my grandma. I lived there for 6 years and 11 months but I was taken and brought here after them lying to be my dad to get money from my account. I miss my father, Buck. He probably misses me too , but I have a cell phone. Too bad it’s dead “ Anna Kate said. “ Well, What type of phone is it? “ Maggie said. “ WE ARE KIDNAPPED AND IN A SHED AND YOU ARE ASKING WHAT TYPE OF PHONE I HAVE? Btw it’s a iphone. “ Anna Kate said. “ I Have a Iphone charger that’s portable! Here.” Maggie plugged it in and it turned on with a little bootloop. Maggie clicked the contact that said “ Daddy :D “ and called Buck.

Buck paced around the room while Jean and Little Jane gave descriptions of what Maggie and Benny looked like, But his phone started buzzing and he looked at it and started crying. “ It’s.. Anna Kate”. Buck’s wife bust though the room, If she was any faster she would have made a hole in the door. “ ANNA KATE? “ she said, Almost screaming. Buck answered the call and Anna Kate told them where they were. Buck got in his police car and brought a few extra people. Of course the men were unnamed, And arrested. Buck ran to the shed and hugged Anna Kate, And they both cried for a while. Jean and Little Jane were returned home, Along with Maggie. Their Mama hugged all of them, But before Jean was happy, she wanted to go to Jerry Large Toe’s house. When Jean opened the door, Mama gasped. “ Jerry? How are you? I didn’t know you made Jean!” Jerry Large Toe and Mama were actually engaged. One month later, they got married. Jean and Little Jane were always visiting June and Elizabeth, Especially Buck. Now that things were returned to normal, Jean finally realized…

She could hug her father.


Pokemon of the week

By: Alena Taylor & Logan Shelton


Squirtle, The tiny turtle pokemon. Squirtle hides in its shell whenever it can when it’s in battle. With its aerodynamic shape and approved surface, Squirtle's shell helps it cut through the water very quickly. It also offers protection in battle.


DEGAS! cOMING to denver FEBRUARY 11th!

upcoming event to support WME!

Please remind your parents to RSVP for the WME Parent GALA!


By: Ray Drennan
By: Ray Drennan
By: Ray Drennan
By: Luke Hamilton

Homemade Science Projects

By: MaKenna Meyer

-Homemade lava lamp

What You Need:

A bottle

Vegetable oil


Food coloring


What You Do:

Fill the bottle most of the way with vegetable oil.

Fill the rest of the bottle with water. The water will sink to the bottom under the oil.

Add a few drops of food coloring; your choice of color. The food coloring is water-based, so it will also sink and color the water that is now at the bottom of the flask.

Break an alka-seltzer tablet into a few small pieces, and drop them in the bottle one at a time.

Watch your lava lamp erupt into activity! As the reaction slows down, simply add more alka-seltzer.

-Rock Candy

What you need

A wooden skewer (you can also use a clean wooden chopstick)

A clothespin

1 cup of water

2-3 cups of sugar

A tall narrow glass or jar

What you do

Clip the wooden skewer into the clothespin so that it hangs down inside the glass and is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the bottom of the glass. (as shown)

Remove the skewer and clothespin and put them aside for now.

Get a helpful adult!

Pour the water into a pan and bring it to boil.

Pour about 1/4 cup of sugar into the boiling water, stirring until it dissolves.

Keep adding more and more sugar, each time stirring it until it dissolves, until no more will dissolve. This will take time and patience and it will take longer for the sugar to dissolve each time.Be sure you don’t give up too soon. Once no more sugar will dissolve, remove it from heat and allow it to cool for at least 20 minutes.NOTE: While it is cooling, some people like to dip half of the skewer in the sugar solution and then roll it in some sugar to help jump start the crystal growth. If you do this, be sure to let the skewer cool completely so that sugar crystals do not fall off when you place it back in the glass.

your friendly ADULT carefully pour the sugar solution into the jar almost to the top. Then submerge the skewer back into the glass making sure that it is hanging straight down the middle without touching the sides.

Allow the jar to fully cool and put it someplace where it will not be disturbed.

Now just wait. The sugar crystals will grow over the next 3-7 days

Want colored rock candy? Add food coloring. Use a dark color for the best result.

This and more found at this link

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