Artemis By: Tatyanna Brown

Artemis runs a hunting gear company called "It's Golden and Dangerous". Apollo, her twin brother, also works there as a secretary.
She is the goddess of the hunt, the wilderness, wild animals, and female fertility.
Her parents are Zeus and Leto. Leto had a painless pregnancy for Artemis, but her twin brother was giving Leto some problems. Artemis was born and helped her mother give birth to Apollo.
Artemis's symbol is the golden bow and arrows and deer. Both of these symbols make the perfect match for a hunting company.
Her sacred animal is also deer and her sacred plants are the Cypress Tree, Walnut Tree, and the Amaranth Flower.
Artemis is the patron goddess of Sparta. She doesn't have a spouse or children, but she rules a group of girls called the huntresses.
One day a famous hunter named Actaeon was walking around the woods with his dogs. The dogs perked their ears up. They heard something, laughing. The laughing was coming from the nearby stream. Actaeon quietly crept up on whoever was laughing.
It was Artemis. Any smart person in the Greek World would have left then because they know Artemis likes privacy. Actaeon was young and foolish so he continued to boldly stare at her. She caught him and was furious.
Artemis splashed water onto Actaeon and he magically turned into a deer. This was bad. This was really bad because he had taught his dogs to attack deer when spotted. He got attacked and died. Artemis never thought about him again.


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