Peripeti Candles + Peripeti Home Handmade boutique fragrance

Peripeti refers to a small thing that is a point of change. To me this sums up home fragrance.

You could be doing a chore or in the middle of a boring routine. Light a Peripeti Candle + suddenly the flickering flame + lovely fragrance has transformed it into a moment.

Try it during your next dinner, morning routine, date night, friend gathering,Netflix binge...trust me!

It will help you slow down, breathe + make a moment matter

But not all home fragrance is created equally

At Peripeti Candles we don't cut any corners because I'm passionate about fragrance + your home is important to all of us

We start with quality, all-natural ingredients. Our Soy is sustainably grown in the USA. In fact, most of our materials are sourced from the USA, and are local whenever possible.

There's nothing harmful in our home fragrance because we make it in my home studio. I work with it every day + would only trust the best

When I started creating natural home fragrance I quickly realized I wasn't impressed with the available fragrances. Already an avid essential oil user it was an easy transition to start creating my own blends.

Peripeti Candles' fragrances are clean burning + original, based on the science of scent. I do this because I want to offer you the best + something unique + modern when it comes to home fragrance.

With quality ingredients, unique natural fragrances + our small batch methods we are confident Peripeti Candles will become your go-to for home fragrance

We believe you will notice the difference this attention to detail makes + will soon find many ways to use home fragrance to help you slow down + embrace the moment.

This is my goal

because Peripeti Candles isn't just a small business to me, it is my passion + I want to see our fragrances create small moments that matter in your life.

Peripeti Home Fragrance Collection includes non-toxic Soy Candles in Classic Wicks, Wooden Wicks, Reed Diffusers, Room Sprays + Wax Melts

Contact our founder, Kate Walsh, at info@peripeticandles.com and visit us online at www.PeripetiCandles.com. Check us out on Instagram or Facebook @peripetihome!

Photo Credit to Sarah Beirne Photography

Thank you!

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