The UK and Global Games Development Market By Lewis terry

Consumer side of the UK games industry

Firstly, the UK has a big history of making groundbreaking games an example would be Rock star Games with Grand Theft Auto V which managed to gross $1bn worldwide in 3 days and in the UK in 2014 managed to have a value of (£208 million). So, this game was huge for the UK games industry since still to this date it is the most successful game so this would generally inspire a lot of other UK game companies to try to repeat the same success. Next, in 2015 the UK was estimated to be the 6th largest video game market in terms of consumer revenues and is predicted to keep its place until at least 2018. This is a big success for the UK games sector since more companies both UK based and Global based cant ignore this statistic and will result in more people wanting to work in the UK games industry since they know it is a successful industry and keeps on growing meaning the quality of games coming from the UK will be a lot higher standard. In terms of financial in 2015 the UK games industry as a whole was worth nearly £4.2bn in consumer spending which is a 7.4% increase from £3.94bn in 2014.

Development side of the UK games industry

The development side of the UK games industry is as essential as the consumer side since having more UK based game companies it allows more UK based developers to join these companies and create more and a higher standard of games. Some of the statistics are that between 2011 and 2013 the number of games companies grew yearly by 22% which is a huge increase in game companies

Below is a video discussing the UK games sector and the importance of it from a chief executive officer of UKIE which is the UK association for forms of interactive entertainment.

Below is a map of the publishers and companies currently in the UK and as you can see there is a vast amount

Consumer side of the global games industry

The global games industry is a huge industry and is increasingly becoming bigger each year money wise and the quality of games are increasing too both graphically and interactively. Firstly, the global game market is expected to reach a worth of $100 by 2019 according to a group called open gaming alliance. This is a huge figure to predict but from just 2015 the PC game business alone made $28 billion so this is a realistic prediction. However, as more digital downloads are becoming evermore popular especially on consoles it can affect global companies who sell physical copies of the game such as gamestop who were predicted to decline 5-10% which is a huge number considering they make around 3 billion a year. So, even though the global market is increasing it could mean the decline of some of these companies since as said digital downloads are alot more convenient and saves alot of time.

Development side of the global games industry

The development side of the global games industry is essential and as briefly explained previously companies have massive estimates for the total worth of the global games market since it is increasingly steadily every year and only getting bigger. One market report estimated a total of $91.5bn worth of the games industry in 2015 which is a huge amount and in 2015 the market was already worth $82.6bn which means a 9% increase. Next, the most important thing is that since the industry is worth so much money it means the technology and the games will increase in quality since they need to be able to compete to be able to be apart of the games industry and be successful. The main sector that is predicted to make the most money is computer gaming especially since some of the biggest games are on PC and easily accessible this means its a huge market. PC/MMO games is the biggest part of this sector since with games such as league of legends being out it means alot of money is going into pc since you cant get it on console and since E sports is becoming a huge part of gaming most people want to experience the game themselves. Below is a chart of everything i have been discussing.

Bibliography Link for market graph and global market information Link for UK gaming industries map Link to UK games industry market information

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