Isabel Arriaga's Tour of the Harn Museum Of ART IUF1000 Section 072H

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

These pieces of art that I saw in The Harn Museum of Art demonstrate the significance of the medium of a piece of art and the technique of the artist. These pieces of art are vases and other types of sculptures. Seeing a piece of art like this in person is certainly very different than seeing it as an image because this art is three-dimensional. By seeing this piece in real life I could tell the size of the vases and sculptures and examine the texture. By seeing this artwork in real life I could even see the exact colors and patters of the vases. I found the craftsmanship of this art to be particularly striking. These vases appeared to be handcrafted and very fragile. All of the vases were different shapes, sizes, textures, colors and patterns. This piece of art was both overwhelming and intriguing to look at as a viewer because unlike some other pieces of art I knew exactly what I was looking at. But seeing these vases did make me curious about the individual value and meaning behind each vase. I found myself asking questions like why did the artist decide to make the vase in this shape? And why did the artist decide to color the vase or sculpture in this specific color or pattern?

Design of the Museum

I found the design of this wing of the Harn Museum of Art to be very appealing. I noticed that this wing of the museum was primarily dedicated to artwork by women or about female artists and how women are portrayed in the art world. When first walking into this wing of the museum the first thing that I noticed was this statue of a woman because it was placed in the center of the room. I think that the placement of this piece of art was surely intentional in that it was meant to be the first piece of art a viewer would see when entering this wing of the Harn. The spacing of the art in this section of the museum also added to the design of this wing in that certain pieces of art within the wing were on their own such as the statue of the woman and other pieces of art in this section were placed closely together in what seemed to be a series. Some pieces of art within this wing of the museum took up large amounts of the wall and were all connected to each other, they were even far removed from other works of art. Something particularly interesting about the design in this wing of the museum was the lighting. There were bright overhead lights that were mostly clear/white but there were also some lights that were purple that added to the atmosphere of this wing of the museum. I really liked this exhibit mostly for the content of the work since it specifically explored women in art. I thought that the design of this wing specifically the purple lights enhanced my experience in this wing of the museum.

The statue of the woman that can be seen when first entering this wing of the museum
The art that took up almost an entire wall of this wing and appeared to be a series

Art and Core Values

I chose these pieces of art for the art and core values prompt because the meaning behind this art relates to my personal core values of equality and the fight against racism and sexism in society. This art helped me better understand these core values and how other people perceive and express their feelings about these issues through an artistic medium. This first piece of art was particularly moving to me because I was not familiar with this statistic prior to visiting The Harn. This piece of artwork originally made me feel frustrated learning how few women are featured in Modern Art sections but this piece of art also made me feel empowered as a woman in the way that the woman in the piece of art has her back turned and has the head of a gorilla. I saw this image as the woman turning her back on the patriarchy and the gorilla head as a symbol that women are fierce and willing and able to fight back against injustice. I also really appreciated the message expressed in the second piece of art. I thought that the piece of art that explained the Gorilla Girls definition of a hypocrite was spot on in that women and minority groups are frequently mistreated and overlooked in our society. Overall I really appreciated these pieces of art and was intrigued to see how artists portray the same values I cherish in their artwork.

Art and the Good Life

These pieces of art represent Buddhism and the Eight- fold path and its connection to the good life. These different representations of the Buddha show the significance of Buddhism in different cultures. Something that I found particularly interesting was the contrast between the two Buddhas. The two Buddhas came from two distinct cultures and even look different from one another. The fact that there were two Buddha's in the Harn shows the influence that Buddhist principles have on so many different people and cultures around the world. The two different Buddhas added to my understanding of the significance Buddhism has and even made me further appreciate the Eight- fold path and other Buddhist teachings.

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