Visiting the Florida Museum of Natural History was a great experience for me. I enjoyed connecting to the nature through the butterfly garden. The true beauty of nature was portrayed throughout the rainforest and the natural history portion of the museum. I learned a lot from going to this museum about the butterflies , the plants and the animals.



The rainforest is designed to portray the beauty of nature and immerse the visitor into its world. As I walked through the butterfly rainforest I was appalled by the variety and numbers of the butterflies. The butterflies had beautiful, colorful wings. The exhibit did not only have these beautiful butterflies but it also had the many plants . The arrangement of the museum allows you to understand and appreciate the beauty of the nature around the museum. However, I think that nature cannot just be portrayed through a museum, I believe that nature itself has a higher variety of a number of creatures and plants. I found this exhibit as the most appealing because of the butterflies around the rainforest exhibit. The curve of the rainforest allows for the scenery to stand out.


I agree with Leopold about how we should be part of the biotic community and conquer the land. Like the native americans who lived here before , they learned to respect the land and live of the land.They appreciated what they were given. As I went through the museum I enjoyed learning the history of the Indian people and their culture. I felt as if I was part of the history from all he beautiful exhibits surrounding me. The indians had to learn how to obtain food and be at peace with the land. I think the museum did a great job with supporting Leopold's theory about conquering the land because all the exhibits portrayed it. Throughout the museum I was surrounded by the history of the people.


Even though we are not aware of some creature out there in our world we should learn to appreciate their values through getting more cultured about things like this. I believe that us humans should coexist with the creatures in our world. Learn to appreciate their worth and their help to our ecosystem. An ecosystem is a community where organisms interact with one another and us humans should learn to interact with out ecosystem. The natural museum makes us step out our ordinary lives because it takes us to a life that is different form ours that we should learn to understand. The museum helps us understand who we are as people and appreciate the mystery of our world because it takes us into its own world through a variety of exhibits. I truly enjoyed the Natural History museum more than the Harn because i feel like I became connected with the nature.


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