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I will be doing my biography on Bethany Hamilton. The women who I have chosen is Bethany Hamilton I chose her because she is very brave, encouraging, and fearless. When I first heard about Bethany I thought that she would never get back in the water. Fearless is the best word I could use for this situation. Bethany Hamilton is fearless because she got back into the water with that very same shark that took her arm. She was not scared to go back she really wanted to go back into the water. To this very day she still is in the water surfing. Another word that I said was brave. A good word to use is brave because Bethany could have been sitting at here house like oh now I cant go int he water because the shark might hurt me again. She was not scared to go back she really wanted to go back into the water. When everyone told her that she could go back she got all ready and just went for it. Last but not least the word encouraging. Bethany Hamilton encouraged me because she let me get a new idea about how you can live your life. Bethany still lives her life like a normal person just with only one arm. She might get weird looks but who cares that's who she is and no one can change that. That is the characteristics of Bethany Hamilton.

This is Bethany Hamilton.


Bethany Hamilton Contributes in charity's and causes. The causes that she contributes to is Adoption, fostering, orphans, Aids and HIV, children, health, miscellaneous, philanthropy, physical challenges, poverty, sports, and women. Some of the charity's that Bethany is supporting is Friends of Bethany, surf aid, women's sports foundation, and world vision. Some of the charity's that Bethany supports are for herself but not all of them. Bethany Hamilton contributes to a large amount of charity's and causes.


There is a ton of reasons why Bethany Hamilton is famous I have three reasons why Bethany is famous. One reason Bethany Hamilton is famous is because she has a very surprising story in her background. Bethany Hamilton's story is she was in a surfing tournament and she got her arm bitten off by a shark. Even though this happened she still went back into the water a surfed when she got out of the hospital. Another reason why Bethany Hamilton is famous is because she won the ESPY award. Bethany won this award for her amazing comeback in 2004. For my last reason why Bethany is famous is for another award she won. The second award is called Mildred Babe Dirdikson- Zacharian Courge award. This award was won in 2005. That is three reasons why Bethany Hamilton is famous.


Experiences that made Bethany Hamilton important was what happened with the shark and how she did not wait to get back into the water. Bethany Hamilton like I said before got into a accident with a shark back in October 31, 2003. When I say that she got a arm bitten off by a shark I mean her left arm was really taken off by a shark. The shark was a tiger shark. Like I said before Bethany Hamilton did not wait to get back into the water. When she was in the hospital she was asking when she could go back to surfing and was always wondering when and if she could return to how her life was before. That is the experiences that made Bethany Hamilton so very important.


There are things that I really like about Bethany Hamilton like she lives a normal life even though she only has one arm. Also she never let her fear get the best of her. I admire that Bethany Hamilton lives a normal life just like the rest of us. Bethany Hamilton has a movie about what happened and in that movie she got weird look because she only has one arm but you know what she doesn't let that get in her way. The fears that she had where not fake they are real. What fears you might be saying well if you where her you would be thinking just like her. She had to be thinking oh I might never get in the water again what if I cant surf. Well she asked herself those questions and she is still a professional surfer even with one arm.

Bethany Hamilton surfing


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