Plate Boundaries by:olivia Rodriguez

Divergent Boundary

Divergent boundary moves away from each other, while it is moving away from each other it is creating Mid-Ocean Ridge. In Mid-Ocean Ridge it is creating volcanoes and earthquakes.

In this picture it is the cycle of how Divergent Boundary forms.

The type of stress that Divergent has is Tension.

Convergent Boundary

Convergent Plate Boundary moves toward each other. While they are moving toward each other they are forming Deep Ocean Trench, Volcanoes, and Earthquakes. The location where it happens is Cascilla Subduction Zone. The type of stress that is in the Convergent Plate Boundary is Continental.

Transform Plate Boundary

Transform Plate Boundary moves past each other. When it is moving past each other it is forming Earthquakes and Volcanoes. The location of Transform Boundaries is Uplift and Deform. The type of stress Transform Boundary has is Tension.

The End:)

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