Math and Play Math and critical tHinking in free PLAY

create opportunities to experience math during their free play

create small informal group lessons by joining play

assessing concepts during play

rote counting during play

cardinality during play

one to one correspondence during play

Flex Day Presentation By: Michele Boyer, Tina Fulk and Susan Jackson

This opportunity has encouraged me to make sure that I maximize every moment we have with the students. I make sure that I am incorporating academics into their play. The book study and webinar sparked an awareness and a motivation to encourage students to grow during their play.- Tina Fulk

When I join students in their play it is more intentional. I am prepared with questions that guide their play with a focus on counting with one to one correspondence. I have incorporated circle time games and learning centers that are teacher led to encourage, rote counting, one to one correspondence and encourage critical thinking. - Susan Jackson

From the webinar, I learned teaching rhymes that count up (1, 2, Buckle My Shoe), incorporating the counting circles into circle time each day and path games to teach number relationships. Also, I learned the counting learning trajectory to determine each student’s level (precounter, chanter, reciter, corresponded, counter, producer and counter and producer). Determining the students level will allow for differentiation and individualized instruction. I am also using the DRDP, Number Sense and Quantity, as data tracking tool to monitor prekindergarten’s progression. Again, in September, I determined their baseline on the DRDP. As of November 2017, 45% of prekindergarten students had increased two levels in DRDP Number Sense and Quantity. - Michele Boyer

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Michele Boyer Tina Fulk Susan Jackson

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