My Experience at The Divine: a Play for Sarah Bernhardt

My Spatial Experience - My seat was offset from the center, which was fine for the most part. However, the person in front of me did block some parts of the scene, which took away from the play a bit. I did like that the auditorium was pretty small, because when the actors came into the audience, they were really close. I think this more personal interaction made the play more exciting. (Photo from:
My Social Experience - I attended the performance with my friend, Kayla. It was nice being able to figure things out together. I think that it was nice to be able to build a relationship while doing an assignment. I also talked to some strangers, like to take this picture for us. It was also nice being part of a big group to be able to see the reactions to scenes from different perspectives than my own.
My Cultural and Intellectual Experience - I knew a small amount about some of the issues that were present in the play (social class, privilege, social oppression, etc). I liked how they presented the issues in a serious way with some comedic relief intertwined. Like they spoke about in the talk back, the female empowerment in the play had parallels with the women's marches that just took place all over the United States.
My Emotional Experience - I thought that this play, especially in it's prime, presented issues that were very prevalent and made them more thought provoking. I think that this play provided people with an experience that showed how there were injustices present. The people from the class that the people originally viewing the plays of that time period did not have direct access to the situations that they were mimicking. I feel like I am also more informed on the ways that the church and social class effected theatre in that specific time in history. I think that we were given an opportunity of katharsis by being able to see a new perspective and re-evaluate.
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