Cultural Appropriation in fashion A proposal to remove division and promote unity.

Culture is a beautiful thing commonly expressed through fashion.
America is an extremely diverse country, full of many different cultures; opening the door for cultural appropriation to occur.
When another race adopts elements of another culture, it is easy to allow this occurence to be divisive.
But, in reality, many americans practice Cultural Appropriation in fashion. That being said, this should not be something that is allowed to promote so much hatred.

Allow social media to be a positive outlet. Start a movement promoting knowledge of cultures to encourage the respect of culture and also unity in it. #unitynotdivision

Culture is such a beautiful thing; if it is shared with others in love it can receive the respect it deserves.

Removing division through this issue will help with the bigger issue America faces: racism. Culture plays a large role in Racism, if we join together and remove one of the things that affect racism it can ultimately be abolished one day.


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