Pitch For Your Project Case study #1

Alberts Owls & Acorns

Monmouthshire Housing Association are proud to support Alberts Owls and Acorns intergenerational project for the second time. This project was established in Feb 2019 as a pilot and in the last year with funding from Pitch For Your Project, combined with the passion and drive of the two creators, Lucy and Carly, they have managed to successfully develop an invaluable community resource.

Alberts Owls and Acorns is an intergenerational group set up to bring older and younger members of the local community together throughout the whole of the Monmouthshire Borough. The group meets once a week in various locations to complete structured intergenerational sessions that include: art and craft activities, baking and gentle, physical exercise. This provides an opportunity for the different generations to integrate; to increase their understanding and respect for each other; to promote wellbeing and increase sense of worth and self-esteem; and to increase community cohesion.

Alberts Owls and Acorns have been successful in making loads of positive actions possible with the Pitch For Your Project Funding and will continue to carry this out in even more venues now that they have secured more funding:

  • Reduce loneliness and isolation amongst some of the most vulnerable within our communities
  • Provide increased community cohesion building relationships across the generations
  • Give people something to look forward to - a reason to get up; get dressed and go out
  • Contribute to a greater understanding of those around us

When social distancing is lifted, they are prepared and ready to bring to life a brand new group in Abergavenny, working with Deri View Primary school and residents within the catchment area.

Bronwen’s story

Bronwen has suffers with a few ailments that have meant that her ability and confidence in going out has become less and less. However through Alberts Owls and Acorns this has changed from her very first session. Bronwen is now in her 3rd term of owls and acorns, which she thoroughly enjoys, but it was in her first term that she made a special connection.

Bronwen was paired with one of the year 6 boys for 2 consecutive weeks; when the cohort of children changed the young boy asked if he could have her phone number – this was facilitated by the team and with parental consent they then began communicating outside of the group. Initially Bronwen was overwhelmed by that fact that an 11 year old boy would have enjoyed her company to the extent that he wanted to maintain their friendship. Their phone calls continue to this day (and she still can’t believe it!)

Quote from Lucy Heath co-founder of Alberts Owls and Acorns

Alberts Owls & Acorns has been extremely fortunate to benefits from MHA’s pitch for your project on two occasions now. The funding last year enabled us to grow our group from one location to 4 within central Monmouthshire. This year’s funding will allow us to continue with our planned expansion launching our first group in the north Monmouthshire area in Abergavenny.
The group has provided both the owls and the acorns the opportunity to make new friendships; a chance to work across the generations and to recognise that we all have skills to offer and value to share

If you would like any further info about this project please contact lucyheath@monmouthshire.gov.uk or carlypook@monmouthshire.gov.uk

Do you have a project that will bring the community together and benefit MHA tenants but need some funding to get it off the ground then contact Clare on 01495 745749 or clare.evans@monmouthshirehousing.co.uk