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What did you learn from Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is an insightful social media management tool used by thousands of social media professionals across the globe. Hootsuite helps users keep track of and manage various social media accounts as well as enable users to monitor what people are saying about their personal and/or professional brand.

The Hootsuite University Experience was categorized into various learning modules, informative videos and quizzes. The virtual learning experience was implemented to equip users with vital social media management tools in order to pass the Hootsuite Certification Exam. The exam is made up of 65 questions and is based upon the various learning modules. Once users pass the Hootsuite Certification Exam, they are officially "Hootsuite Certified," and have major bragging rights!

What was your favorite lesson?

My favorite lesson during the Hootsuite University Experience was learning about engagement. Whether it's from a personal or professional perspective, engaging with your audience is imperative for brand growth.

The modules consisted of several helpful tips in order to increase engagement with your audience. A tip Hootsuite gave was to create contests on your social media platforms in order to get your audience involved with your brand. For example, Hootsuite recommended running a Twitter poll and inviting audience members to vote on the official hashtag for your brand. This is a great way to get your audience engaged as well as make them feel they played an active role in your overall brand development. Not only will this increase engagement among your audience, but it will increase loyalty as well.

Another way to increase engagement is utilizing Hootsuite's geosearch tool. The geosearch tool allows users to find new people to engage with based on location and interests. This allows users to engage with and increase their audience globally, not just around their designated area.

What are some things you felt were beneficial about the program?

The Hootsuite University Experience is beneficial for a number of reasons! Not only does Hootsuite equip users with dozens of vital social media management tools, but these tools will overall make them stand-out candidates within their designated career fields.

What are some improvements?

Though I found the Hootsuite University Experience very beneficial, an improvement I believe would make the experience even more beneficial is to include more questions from the quizzes in the Hootsuite Certification Exam. Only about 50% of the questions from the quizzes were in the actual exam. I utilized the various quizzes featured in the learning modules in order to study for the exam, so it would've been more helpful if there were more questions from the quizzes on the exam.

Other than that, it was a very informative and entertaining learning experience! It was very interactive and never boring.

Would you recommend this program to other classes and students?

Aboslutely! I especially recommend this program for students who plan on pursuing a career in social media. Hootsuite is a great way to learn how to maximize your overall social media presence, whether it be for your personal or professional brand.

How are you going to use what you learned in the program in your social media practices?

I've learned dozens of helpful tools by completing this program. Specifically, I plan on utilizing these various tools in my future professional endeavors. My hope for the summer is to obtain an internship within the social media field. As an intern, I can bring the helpful tools I've learned through Hootsuite to the company. After completing this program, I now know how to better expand and measure a company's audience.

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