Messages to the World By: grace kennedy, sarah merda, christina esposito

Paris, France: Increase security faster than before to prevent more attacks. It is important for this message to be heard because safety is important and changed should be made before something bad happens.
Newtown, Connecticut: Put forth all efforts to protect children. It is important for this message to be heard because we should always protect children especially at schools and security should always be present at schools when there are many children.
New York, New York: When something bad happens, remember to come together to help restabilize. This is important because looking back on 9/11, the entire country came together to help the city come back alive.
Orlando, Florida: Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and don’t harm other people for their beliefs. This message is important because you shouldn't be hurt in anyway for being who you want to be. Your opinion shouldn't affect people that bad and people should accept who you wanna be and respect you.
Boston, Massachusetts: Know your surroundings when you’re not in a protected place. This message is important because you should always be cautious and in public places, such as the Boston Marathon, you should have high security.
Kabul, Afghanistan: Don’t waste your life on hurting other lives. This message should be heard because we should all respect each other's lives and we should all work together towards a common goal.
Chicago, Illinois: More fortunate neighborhoods should assist weaker neighborhoods. This is an important message because it is necessary to help others who are less fortunate.

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