"Good food" is food that tastes good, healthy and organic. KAitlyn burggraff p.6

Apples are a good to eat because they are grown off trees and they don't get processed. Apples also have fiber in them.
Beef is good food because it tastes good and its healthy to eat. Beef contains protein and you need protein because its the building blocks for the body.
Carrots are a good vegetable to eat because they grow out of the grow and don't get processed.
My favorite vegetable is green beans. We have green beans a lot at my house because every one loves them. They are very healthy for you too.
My favorite thing to eat for breakfast are eggs. we get our eggs from out chickens. Eggs are healthy for you because they have protein, vitamins and minerals in them.
Oranges are one of my favorite fruits. They are good for you because they have vitamin C in them. Every time dont v sick, i eat oranges and i feel better
Salads are good to eat because they are healthy and you can add things to your salad to make it even better.
Hummus is a great snack to have with pretzels, pita chips, vegetables etc. It is made of chickpeas.
Salmon is my favorite food. My dad makes it for me all the time. It has a fantastic taste and it contains vitamin D.
My mom and I go to pick strawberries every summer. We love strawberry smoothies because they are healthy and they contain a lot of vitamin C.
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