Fundraising Survey - Sydney Snell volunteer.


I chose the topic of fundraising to create my survey. I chose/was interested in the topic of fundraising for my project because I think it is a fun, productive way to help others. My purpose for choosing this topic was because I wanted to know how involved in fundraising kids really are. My question was what fundraiser would students at Monroe Junior High school feel strongly about and want to develop?


I asked 10 students to participate in my survey; 7th grade students including males as well as females. The sample group was made by a random sampling generator. That is also how bias was avoided.


there was an equal amount of each gender


Every student that surveyed was in 7th grade.


  • I expected the majority of the people to say they participated in the event to help/support the cause.
  • In some cases that was true. I was surprised to find that some people participate in fundraising events to be around friends/social.
  • Over a 1/4 of the students participate in fundraising events for social purposes.

My results were expected in the sense that I figured the most picked activities would be the most popular. The color run a concessions were the most picked with 70% of the votes.

help others

Over half of the students felt strongly about helping others in the 4-5 categories.


They were unexpected in the sense that people said they felt strongly about helping others but that they did not participate in many fundraising activities. Only one student participated in the often category of 4-5.


My survey did not achieve its purpose. This is because my results weren't really as insightful as they could have been. I think my questions were maybe too broad as well as too similar. If I could go back and change things I would add a question asking if the students would like to create a fundraiser. Then I would build more questions around that. I would also survey more people and a variety of grade levels and ages.


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